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Thanks for the Book! (December 1, 2004) - Here's the first letter our team got back from one of the pastors that we sent a book to: Dear Joshua Harris, You did a very good thing when you wrote Stop Dating the Church!!! Someone in the church I... (Keep Reading Thanks for the Book!)
My Beautiful Wife (November 23, 2004) - JoshShan Originally uploaded by joshharris. This is my first try at posting a photo here and I thought I'd start with a picture of me and my lovely wife Shannon. We had pictures taken before I became Senior Pastor...because... (Keep Reading My Beautiful Wife)
Westminster Seminary Bookstore Review (November 9, 2004) - Here's an encouraing plug "Stop Dating the Church" got from the staff at Westminster Seminary Bookstore: "Stop Dating reads like a well-crafted sermon, communicating powerfully God's passion for his church and effectively inviting the reader to embrace that same passion... (Keep Reading Westminster Seminary Bookstore Review)
I Voted (November 2, 2004) - I went out and did my civic duty today and voted. It was great to see so many people there. Four years ago you walked in and voted immediately. This year there was a 25 minute wait. As I stood... (Keep Reading I Voted)
Slicing My Thumb (November 2, 2004) - I had no idea how much I used my thumb. Yesterday while making a bow and arrow for my daughter I sliced into my thumb on my left hand. What an idiot I am! The knife cut about half an... (Keep Reading Slicing My Thumb)
The Kind of Letter That Keeps You Writing (October 22, 2004) - My publisher emailed me the following letter that a pastor sent them. This is the kind of letter that makes me want to jump up and do cartwheels! Praise God! Hearing that the book could be used by pastors like... (Keep Reading The Kind of Letter That Keeps You Writing)
A Wonderful Wedding (October 18, 2004) - My brother Joel married Kimberly Paul on Saturday. I had the honor of being best man. I am so grateful to God for the man that my brother has become. He is humble, gentle and passionate. He's going to make... (Keep Reading A Wonderful Wedding)
Reaching Pastors (October 16, 2004) - I need your help to get the word out to pastors about this new book. My biggest prayer for "Stop Dating the Church" is that it will be used by pastors to turn people's hearts back to passionate involvement and... (Keep Reading Reaching Pastors)
My Brother's Wedding (October 13, 2004) - Tomorrow our family flies to Oregon for my brother Joel's wedding. I can't believe my kid brother is getting married. I still remember being 8 years old when he was born. I propped him up on my bed, surrounded him... (Keep Reading My Brother's Wedding)
A Cute Kid Moment (October 13, 2004) - Here's a funny email that I got from a family in my church... Josh, We bought a copy of "Stop Dating the Church" for Nate and Lela so that they could see the results of their prayers for you as... (Keep Reading A Cute Kid Moment)
Big Plug (October 8, 2004) - Someone just told me today that the website discerningreader.com has made "Stop Dating the Church" a feature book this month. When customers make any purchase they can get a copy of the book free! You can check out the October... (Keep Reading Big Plug)
The First "Official" Email (October 6, 2004) - What follows is a really cool letter that is...drumroll please...the first official letter in response to the book. Okay, I know this is silly, but this is how you act when you spent half a year writing a book and... (Keep Reading The First "Official" Email)
A Hodge Podge of Stuff (October 5, 2004) - On October 3 Shannon and I celebrated our 6-year anniversary! I do not deserve this lady. Hey, thanks for all the response posts! It's great to get a little feedback. Bob asked when it hits the shelves. I really don't... (Keep Reading A Hodge Podge of Stuff)
Finally Here (September 25, 2004) - Yesterday I saw the book for the first time. Amazing grace. My first editor told me that this is the closest a guy comes to giving birth. I don't think Shannon would appreciate the comparison, but I think I understand... (Keep Reading Finally Here)
Already for Sale (May 20, 2004) - The book is already being sold on Amazon.com and on discerningreader.com in their "upcoming books" section. That was fast. Check out this quote by J.I. Packer that Justin Taylor sent me: "In Acts 2-5 we read of a church with,... (Keep Reading Already for Sale)
A Huge Sigh of Relief (May 20, 2004) - Today I sent in the last revised chapter of my book. The really hard part and bulk of the work is finished. God helped me to get done one day before tomorrow's drop-dead date. Next my editor will do his... (Keep Reading A Huge Sigh of Relief)
Our Sufficiency is of God (May 11, 2004) - Brothers and sisters...please, if you have even a spare moment, pray for me. I am in the final press to finish the book. Because of the increase of size and other changes the book has grown from six chapters to... (Keep Reading Our Sufficiency is of God)
A Change in Format and a Praise Report (April 24, 2004) - As an exercise of praise I want to record the Lord's faithfulness to me in the last two days. Though it's been a challenge to find time to write, I've been very excited about this book from the start. Then... (Keep Reading A Change in Format and a Praise Report)
Letter to My Editor (March 27, 2004) - Hey, Dave! Please give Heather a big thanks a hug for taking time off her novel to read my book. Seemed like old times reading her memo. I still need go through both memos slowly and digest it all. But... (Keep Reading Letter to My Editor)
Request for Prayer (March 22, 2004) - I won't go into all the boring details, but I wanted to ask anyone who checks into this blog to please pray for me as I write. I feel my desperate need for God's sustaining grace. The chapter I'm working... (Keep Reading Request for Prayer)
Why I Write Books (March 16, 2004) - Jo Medler is a wonderful lady in my church who helps to process the email and regular mail that we get. She read about the writing challenges I've experienced and sent me the following letter: Hi, Josh, Sorry to read... (Keep Reading Why I Write Books)
God is Sovereign (March 16, 2004) - This is a letter sent to me in response to my "woe is me" post... Hi Joshua, I hope you're support team gets this to you. In the midst of our plans, schedules and deadlines God remains God. He is... (Keep Reading God is Sovereign)
In the Valley (March 15, 2004) - Every book project has a moment when you think, "This is impossible. This is never going to happen. Everything I've written completely stinks." I am in that moment. I'm in the valley and I need faith. The kids have been... (Keep Reading In the Valley)
I Keep Trying to Make This Work (February 27, 2004) - My editor taught me when I was writing "Boy Meets Girl" that the sentences or sections of an authors work that he particularly likes are usually the parts that need to be cut. He called them "darlings." The following is... (Keep Reading I Keep Trying to Make This Work)
Encouragement to Press On (February 24, 2004) - The following email is from a man who recently moved across the country to join our church. In case anyone misunderstands, it's not my desire to have people move to join my church. This is a unique situation. What's inspiring... (Keep Reading Encouragement to Press On)
Wrapping Up Chapter 2 (February 23, 2004) - Today was a good day of writing. I finally shelved a lot of the work I had done and started over. So often that's the key to breaking through confusion and getting something good on paper. I'll start on chapter... (Keep Reading Wrapping Up Chapter 2)
Chapter 2, Wisdom Teeth and a Cover Shoot (February 20, 2004) - We had to switch info on our website and so it's down for a day or so. I don't understand anything about the web. I got my wisdom teeth out last week. It totally blew the week for writing. I... (Keep Reading Chapter 2, Wisdom Teeth and a Cover Shoot)
My Editor's Response to Chapter 1 Rough Draft (February 11, 2004) - Hi Joshua, You totally made my week. I had you on my list to contact today in the (rather cautious) hope that you were making progress. I'm stunned. And I'm impressed. You have a very solid, easy to read chapter... (Keep Reading My Editor's Response to Chapter 1 Rough Draft)
Letter to My Editor Re: Chapter 1 (February 11, 2004) - Hey, Dave. Good news and bad news. Which do you want? Okay, I'll start with the bad. I need to get my wisdom teeth removed this week. I'm serious. I was supposed to do this last year when I was... (Keep Reading Letter to My Editor Re: Chapter 1)
The Opening Post About My New Book (February 2, 2004) - I'm writing a book that will challenge my generation to make the local church a priority. It will be a small book that will share why God wants us to be passionate and committed to His church. This weblog is... (Keep Reading The Opening Post About My New Book)
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