Exalting Christ With Your Rebate


Exalting Christ With Your Rebate: John Piper writes on whether we should stimulate the economy or advance Christ's kingdom with our rebate checks.


i'm so glad you posted this!

I dont even know how to feel about the article. In the face of an ever weakening economy, our government saw fit to return a portion of money to its citizens for the sole purpose of boosting the economic situation. I find it particularly disconcerting that Piper suggests we do the opposite of what the government intended with this money. To give the impression that to spend that money in a way that might stimulate the economy wouldnt be exhalting christ is remiss. I found this quote to be particularly out of touch.

"But do we really need this money? Very few do. We would have gotten on fine without it."

I have know idea what kind of crowd Piper runs with, but he must be recieving quite the premium from speaking engagements and book sales. Seems pretty clear that his ministry is definitely NOT in need of anyone donating their stimulus check. I dont know one single person for whom that money wasnt a complete blessing. I would say rather than selfishly indulging themselves, everyone i know used that money for things they really needed. (Which still stimulates the economy) It makes me think more and more that when it comes to issues of government, politics and economy...ministers would do well to stick to the Gospel.

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