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Lee Strobel's Books for Kids (December 30, 2009) - Recently my 9 and 7-year-old have been asking questions about the basis for faith in God. "How can we know God exists?" and "What about other religions?" This has been encouraging in that they're engaging with very important spiritual questions.... (Keep Reading Lee Strobel's Books for Kids)
I'm Now Eligible (December 30, 2009) - Today I turned 35. No, please don't worry about cards or presents. I want your vote. After 35 long years of waiting, I am now constitutionally eligible (Article II, Section 1), to be elected President of the United States of... (Keep Reading I'm Now Eligible)
Seeking 7 Conference (December 28, 2009) - If I lived anywhere near Birmingham, Alabama, I'd go to this conference January 13-16. I love to hear Ravi Zacharias teach. Seeking 7 is an initiative to mobilize a generation of Christians with the requisite boldness to proclaim and defend... (Keep Reading Seeking 7 Conference)
A Sweet & Bitter Providence (December 28, 2009) - In his new book A Sweet & Bitter Providence: Sex, Race, and the Sovereignty of God, John Piper examines the book of Ruth's relevant, unchanging themes and its dangerous ability to inspire twenty-first-century readers in the cause of love. I... (Keep Reading A Sweet & Bitter Providence)
CJ Mahaney, Robin Boisvert & Gary Ricucci in 1973 (December 28, 2009) - (L-R: Gary Ricucci, Gary's dad, CJ Mahaney and Robin Boisvert)This picture (courtesy of Jeff Truesdale) was taken at Jesus Festival 1973 (about 18 months before I was born). Thirty-seven years later these men are still friends and still serving the... (Keep Reading CJ Mahaney, Robin Boisvert & Gary Ricucci in 1973)
Psalm 90 - Teach Us To Number Our Days (December 27, 2009) - This coming Wednesday I will turn 35. When I was a kid I used to resent the timing of my birthday. December 30th is not the best day to be born if you're hoping for a truck-load of presents. I... (Keep Reading Psalm 90 - Teach Us To Number Our Days)
Dependent Creatures (December 26, 2009) - "Human beings have very little real power over their lives. Ninety-five percent of what sets the course of their lives is completely outside their control. This includes the century and place they are born in, who their parents and family... (Keep Reading Dependent Creatures)
iSlate? Apple's Tablet Computer Hype (December 25, 2009) - I find it fascinating how people get worked into a tizzy over new Apple products. Nobody creates hype like Steve Jobs and his crew. Here's an article from the Washington Post on the rumored Apple Tablet computer. Read it.  (The picture... (Keep Reading iSlate? Apple's Tablet Computer Hype)
Will Anyone Be at Church To Hear the Sermon I'm Working On? [Update: No] (December 19, 2009) - This is the scene outside my home office today. It isn't easy working on a sermon when every minute the chance that no one will hear it increases...inch by inch. The snow is coming down hard. We've already cancelled... (Keep Reading Will Anyone Be at Church To Hear the Sermon I'm Working On? [Update: No])
Sufjan Stevens The BQE (December 18, 2009) - Downloading the new Sufjan record called The BQE which is instrumental (a soundtrack for a film about the eye-sore Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in NYC if I understand correctly.) I'll probably skip the movie, but I've heard the music is good. And... (Keep Reading Sufjan Stevens The BQE)
Toy Story 3 Trailer (December 18, 2009) - I'm a big Pixar fan. Toy Story 2 was a rarity: a sequel better than the original movie. Can they pull it off again with a third film? The trailer looks pretty good to me. Watch it. ... (Keep Reading Toy Story 3 Trailer)
Owl City Addicts (December 16, 2009) - My brother Isaac and sister Sarah told me about Owl City a few months ago and I bought his album Ocean Eyes. My kids love Adam Young's music. They each have a favorite song and request it every time we're... (Keep Reading Owl City Addicts)
Next 2010 (December 16, 2009) - D.A. Dever, Kevin Carson, C.J. Purswell, Mark DeYoung and Jeff Mahaney are speaking at Next 2010. Visit the site for an unscrambled list of their names and more helpful info. Hope you can join us. ... (Keep Reading Next 2010)
Matt Chandler Pathology Results (December 16, 2009) - Please join our family in praying for Matt and Lauren Chandler, their kids and The Village Church. The following is the letter by the pastors updating the church on the pathology results. Dear church, In the first chapter of Philippians, the Apostle... (Keep Reading Matt Chandler Pathology Results)
Toys R Us Kid (December 15, 2009) - I did a singing contest in the basement with the kids. Emma won with this song. She has a beautiful voice like her mama. Of course I'm biased. ... (Keep Reading Toys R Us Kid)
Bookends (December 14, 2009) - Our church is doing a study on the vital truths of the righteousness of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. It's inspired by a great little book by Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington. You can download the sermons here. ... (Keep Reading Bookends)
The Spirit's Power and Our Responsibility (December 14, 2009) - In Zechariah 4:6 God tells his people that the task he's called them to do will be accomplished, "Not by might, nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord of hosts." Only the power of the Spirit of... (Keep Reading The Spirit's Power and Our Responsibility)
Welcome to the Redesigned Site (December 11, 2009) - Hope you like the site's new look. More stuff is coming. We'll be launching a "book blog" section for Dug Down Deep in a few weeks. Everything else is the same except that it looks better. Matt Wahl did the... (Keep Reading Welcome to the Redesigned Site)
Speaking in Louisville (December 9, 2009) - I'm looking forward to joining Al Mohler, Russell Moore, Shane & Shane and hip-hop artist Flame at the SBTS conference for highschool students next spring. Details.... (Keep Reading Speaking in Louisville)
Dug Down Deep Video Promo (December 7, 2009) - Credits: Andrew Gallo - Director of Photography Carissa Gallo - Grip, Still Photography Lena Nalle - Production Assistant Ryan Roehl - Grip Jen Thompson - Editor Dallas Taylor - Audio Post Don Nalle - Producer... (Keep Reading Dug Down Deep Video Promo)
Redeemer Arlington a Sovereign Grace Church Plant Led by Eric Simmons (December 5, 2009) - If you live in the Arlington/DC area and are looking for a great church, check out Redeemer Arlington led by my friend Eric Simmons. In 2009 Covenant Life Church had the joy of sending a great team led by Eric... (Keep Reading Redeemer Arlington a Sovereign Grace Church Plant Led by Eric Simmons)
Calling Christian Actors (December 2, 2009) - Vinegar Hill is casting for the NEXT 2010 conference promo video right now. Check out the casting call.... (Keep Reading Calling Christian Actors)
Song Lyrics "Completely Done" (November 30, 2009) - Yesterday at church Bob Kauflin taught the song "Completely Done" and I found it encouraging. Here are the lyrics: What reason have I to doubt Why would I dwell in fear When all I have known is grace My future... (Keep Reading Song Lyrics "Completely Done")
Jesus Storybook Bible Deluxe Edition (November 23, 2009) - I'm a big fan of this children's story Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. Last week I received a copy of the Deluxe Edition that includes the Bible and an audio version. Very cool. Keep this in mind for kiddos on... (Keep Reading Jesus Storybook Bible Deluxe Edition)
Cannibals or Worms (November 23, 2009) - I've been reading John Piper's book "Filling Up the Afflictions of Christ" which features the stories of William Tyndale, Adoniram Judson and John Paton. It is the fifth book in his "The Swans are Not Silent" series drawn from his... (Keep Reading Cannibals or Worms)
Pilgrim's Progress Musical (November 20, 2009) - Pilgrim is a modern musical adaptation of John Bunyan's classic work, Pilgrim's Progress. It was performed in spring 2009 by the high school students at my church. They did a great job. The script is by theatre professionals (and members... (Keep Reading Pilgrim's Progress Musical)
Give Dug Down Deep for Christmas (November 20, 2009) - My new book Dug Down Deep comes out January 19. But for anyone wanting to give it to friends as a Christmas gift, we're making a special offer available for the next three weeks. Pre-order the book from any... (Keep Reading Give Dug Down Deep for Christmas)
Raising Kids to Do Hard Things with Gregg Harris (November 19, 2009) - I'm really excited about this series of conferences that my father is doing for parents. I can't improve on the description that my brothers Alex and Brett shared on their blog: Ever since we started this blog, and especially... (Keep Reading Raising Kids to Do Hard Things with Gregg Harris)
First Chapter of Dug Down Deep (November 15, 2009) - Here's the first chapter of my forthcoming book Dug Down Deep. The book will be released January 19, 2010, but can be pre-ordered now. I'd love to hear what you think. And I'd be grateful for your help in... (Keep Reading First Chapter of Dug Down Deep)
The Righteousness of Christ - 2 Cor. 5:21 (November 12, 2009) - The Righteousness of Christ from Covenant Life Church on Vimeo.This sermon, by Joshua Harris, was preached Sunday, November 8, 2009, at Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Md. The first message in the series, "Bookends of the Christian Life," Joshua considers... (Keep Reading The Righteousness of Christ - 2 Cor. 5:21)
Bookends of the Christian Life (November 9, 2009) - Yesterday I preached the first message in a new series entitled Bookends of the Christian Life that will carry us through the end of the year. The series, inspired by Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington's book by the same name,... (Keep Reading Bookends of the Christian Life)
Stephen Altrogge Reviews Dug Down Deep (November 5, 2009) - Over at the Blazing Center blog they've posted a very generous review of the book. Read it.... (Keep Reading Stephen Altrogge Reviews Dug Down Deep)
John Piper on the Ruinous Ethic of Mere Avoidance (November 4, 2009) - I find the following quote from John Piper's book Don't Waste Your Life deeply challenging... One of the marks of this peacetime mind-set is what I call an avoidance ethic. In wartime we ask different questions about what to do... (Keep Reading John Piper on the Ruinous Ethic of Mere Avoidance)
Old Navy Mannequins (November 2, 2009) - Last week we were grabbing some clothes for the kids at Old Navy. While we were checking out I looked over and realized the kids were standing amidst the main clothing display acting like mannequins and trying to freak... (Keep Reading Old Navy Mannequins)
Together for the Gospel 2010 (November 2, 2009) - Together for the Gospel: T4G 2010 Conference from Together for the Gospel (T4G) on Vimeo.... (Keep Reading Together for the Gospel 2010)
Sex-Trafficking in USA (November 2, 2009) - Sex-Trafficking in USA: A recent nation-wide crackdown rescued 52 children from sex-trafficking. The LA Times reports that most victims in this wicked industry begin at age 12. And it's "estimated that 100,000 children are still involved in sex trafficking in... (Keep Reading Sex-Trafficking in USA)
Proverbs 31 Sermon (November 2, 2009) - On Sunday I preached the final message in our Proverbs series, "The Woman of Valor," from Proverbs 31. From the text, I focused on four characteristics of the valiant woman, in order of importance: She fears the Lord. She gives... (Keep Reading Proverbs 31 Sermon)
The Valiant Wife of Proverbs 31 (October 30, 2009) - I'm preaching this Sunday from Proverbs 31 on the woman who fears the Lord. I found this quote in Bruce Waltke's commentary compelling: "[T]his valiant wife has been canonized as a role model for all Israel for all time. Wise... (Keep Reading The Valiant Wife of Proverbs 31)
Andrew Gallo VstheBrain: (October 30, 2009) - Andrew Gallo VstheBrain: Here are some still shots and technical specs on the video shoot we did the other day. I haven't gotten around to asking Andrew to explain his company's name VstheBrain, but it sounds cool. Read post.... (Keep Reading Andrew Gallo VstheBrain:)
How to Insult God (October 27, 2009) - Sunday I preached from Proverbs 14:31 which states, "Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors him." I don't know about you, but over the years I know I've been guilty... (Keep Reading How to Insult God)
New Look for Joshharris.com (October 27, 2009) - New Look for Joshharris.com: In the next month or so we hope to unveil a brand new look for the website. We were able to get Matt Wahl to do the design (Matt designed the logo for Next and works... (Keep Reading New Look for Joshharris.com)
Filming for Promotional Video (October 27, 2009) - On Sunday we did some filming for a promotional video for Dug Down Deep. This project is being produced by Don Nalle with Andrew Gallo behind the camera. I'm so grateful for these friends and their kindness in helping... (Keep Reading Filming for Promotional Video)
Good Plumber in Gaithersburg (October 26, 2009) - Good Plumber in Gaithersburg: If you live in Montgomery County, MD, and need a reliable plumber give Khin Ken Tay at PDG Plumbing Services a call. This is the only plumber I've ever hired who said to me, "Watch how... (Keep Reading Good Plumber in Gaithersburg)
My First "Review" (October 24, 2009) - My First "Review": After nearly two years of working on my new book, Dug Down Deep, I've been really excited to share it with people. Last week my publisher let me give away the first chapter and a guy named... (Keep Reading My First "Review")
A.J. Hamilton's Story (October 24, 2009) - I had the chance to meet A.J. several years ago when I visited Mars Hill in Seattle. I'm excited to hear about the church/campus he's starting and I was deeply encouraged by his powerful testimony. For women considering abortion his... (Keep Reading A.J. Hamilton's Story)
Sugary Cereals Do Most Marketing (October 24, 2009) - Sugary Cereals Do Most Marketing: I think we probably all knew this but it turns out the most unhealthy cereals spend a lot more money marketing to little kids. When's the last time you saw a Grape Nuts ad? These... (Keep Reading Sugary Cereals Do Most Marketing)
The Gospel and a Heart for the Poor (October 24, 2009) - "Like nothing else could ever do, the gospel instills in me a heart for the downcast, the poverty-stricken, and those in need of physical mercies, especially when such persons are of the household of faith. When I see persons who... (Keep Reading The Gospel and a Heart for the Poor)
Finalists for the Dug Down Deep Film Contest (October 21, 2009) - I've been so encouraged by the incredible response to the Dug Down Deep Film Contest. We received nearly 100 submissions. It's so good to see so many of you out there who are developing your gifts and who desire... (Keep Reading Finalists for the Dug Down Deep Film Contest)
J.C. Ryle on Practicing Bible Truth (October 19, 2009) - J.C. Ryle on Practicing Bible Truth: "It is poor work to read the Bible from mere curiosity, and for speculative purposes, in order to fill your head and store your mind with opinions, while you do not allow the book... (Keep Reading J.C. Ryle on Practicing Bible Truth)
A Less Busy Heart (October 17, 2009) - "The quest for a contemplative life can actually be self-absorbed, focused on my quiet and me. If we love people and have the power to help, then we are going to be busy. Learning to pray doesn't offer us a... (Keep Reading A Less Busy Heart)
Film Contest Update (October 14, 2009) - Film Contest Update: Over 100 artists submitted samples of their work for consideration. Thank you for your patience. I hope to post a list of the 10 contestants by next week.... (Keep Reading Film Contest Update)
Dug Down Deep Audio Recording (October 13, 2009) - I spent six hours today recording the audio version of my new book Dug Down Deep. We got to page 85 today. Next week we have two more days scheduled to finish the book. I wore these massive headphones that... (Keep Reading Dug Down Deep Audio Recording)
Chris Klicka is With the Lord (October 12, 2009) - Chris Klicka is With the Lord: Tonight I'm grieving the passing of Chris Klicka, a very dear friend of our family. Chris used to speak at my father's home school conferences. He talked to and counseled me many times throughout... (Keep Reading Chris Klicka is With the Lord)
Tim Tebow and 1 Thess 5:18 (October 11, 2009) - Tim Tebow and 1 Thess 5:18: Politico reports that a trending Google search was "the First Thessalonians verse in Florida quarterback Tim Tebow's eye blacking last night as he left LSU dazed 13-3, two weeks after he suffered a concussion.... (Keep Reading Tim Tebow and 1 Thess 5:18)
First Chapter Giveaway Dug Down Deep (October 5, 2009) - First Chapter Giveaway Dug Down Deep: My publisher is allowing me to give away a PDF of the first chapter of my new book Dug Down Deep. Just join my Facebook fanpage and in the next few weeks you'll be... (Keep Reading First Chapter Giveaway Dug Down Deep)
Carol's Cookies Are Incredible (September 30, 2009) - Carol's Cookies Are Incredible: My local Wholefoods grocery store just started carrying "Carol's Cookies." Have you heard of these? Wow. Unbelievable. They weigh about half a pound each. You should try them. Visit Carol's website.... (Keep Reading Carol's Cookies Are Incredible)
Hold That Thought, God. Need to Check My Email (September 30, 2009) - (Keep Reading Hold That Thought, God. Need to Check My Email)
Response to Film Contest (September 30, 2009) - Response to Film Contest: I've been blown away by the response to the Dug Down Deep film contest. We've received over 60 applications to participate from people around the world. I am deeply grateful for their willingness to help and... (Keep Reading Response to Film Contest)
Gospel-centered resources in 40 languages (September 29, 2009) - Those doing or connected to work in international missions may be helped in their work by the volunteer-driven initiative Gospel Translations, which now distributes biblical resources in about 40 languages. Below is a sampling from their library. Spanish David Powlison's... (Keep Reading Gospel-centered resources in 40 languages)
Self-Control in a Wired World (September 28, 2009) - Yesterday I preached a sermon about self-control from Proverbs 25:28 that says, "A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls." I focused on the issue of media, the internet, and today's new technologies. I... (Keep Reading Self-Control in a Wired World)
Bill Clinton The Good Dad (September 27, 2009) - Bill Clinton The Good Dad: I thought this was an interesting column by Nancy Gibbs on new insights into the way the former President prioritized his daughter Chelsea during his White House years.... (Keep Reading Bill Clinton The Good Dad)
Praying for Mexico During Drug Cartel Wars (September 25, 2009) - Prayer for Mexico from Covenant Life Church on Vimeo. This video clip is from Sunday when my friend and fellow pastor, Dave Brewer, led us in praying for the nation of Mexico. You might not be aware of the terrible... (Keep Reading Praying for Mexico During Drug Cartel Wars)
Allowed vs. Ought (September 24, 2009) - Allowed vs. Ought: I know my focus as a Christian is wrong when I'm more concerned with what I'm allowed to do than with what I ought to do. (via @HarrisJosh)... (Keep Reading Allowed vs. Ought)
Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris (September 24, 2009) - Read Reviews • Order Online • Read the First Chapter From the Back Cover: I know from experience that it's possible to be a Christian but live life on the surface. The surface can be empty tradition. It can... (Keep Reading Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris)
The Sluggard by Isaac Watts (September 22, 2009) - Proverbs' portrait of the sluggard is extreme, even comical. Nevertheless, laziness, in all its subtle forms, has serious consequences. You can listen to a sermon I preached on the subject. And the following is a poem by Isaac Watts based... (Keep Reading The Sluggard by Isaac Watts)
A Definition of Sloth (September 19, 2009) - A Definition of Sloth: John Ortberg writes, "Sloth is the failure to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done —like the kamikaze pilot who flew seventeen missions."... (Keep Reading A Definition of Sloth)
Kideos & Totlol: Online Videos for Kids (September 18, 2009) - Kideos & Totlol: Online Videos for Children: YouTube can be a sketchy place (even for adults). I just heard about www.kideos.com a kid-friendly version of Youtube that divides videos by age group. TotLol.com does the same thing--all the videos are... (Keep Reading Kideos & Totlol: Online Videos for Kids)
Dug Down Deep Short-Film Contest (September 16, 2009) - If you're a filmmaker/budding video genius--or you have a friend who is--please read this and pass it on. In January my new book Dug Down Deep will be released. It's a book about the importance of knowing Jesus Christ... (Keep Reading Dug Down Deep Short-Film Contest)
A Proverb For Serena Williams and Rep. Joe Wilson and Me (September 12, 2009) - A Proverb For Serena Williams and Rep. Joe Wilson and Me: "Whoever restrains his words has knowledge, and he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding." (Prov.17:27)... (Keep Reading A Proverb For Serena Williams and Rep. Joe Wilson and Me)
Jerry Bridges on Power in Prayer (September 8, 2009) - "[W]e must keep in mind that the Spirit of God is sovereign over when and how he works through the instruments of prayer. He certainly hears our requests and responds to them. But it's not for us to question the... (Keep Reading Jerry Bridges on Power in Prayer)
Gollum and Slavery to Sin (September 7, 2009) - I'm reading J.R.R. Tolkien's The Fellowship of the Ring to my two older kids. Last night we read the passage in which Gandalf explains the history of the pathetic Gollum as well as story of the One Ring to... (Keep Reading Gollum and Slavery to Sin)
Give Uganda Water (September 5, 2009) - In 2008, a team of men and women from our church traveled to western Uganda to visit and be involved in the work of Kiburara Gospel Centre Church. While in Kiburara they saw the filthy drinking water and learned... (Keep Reading Give Uganda Water)
Quitting Facebook (September 5, 2009) - Quitting Facebook: Every fad eventually fades. Is Facebook on the way out? This New York Times article says there's a growing group of people are fed up for various reasons and abandoning Facebook. Read it.... (Keep Reading Quitting Facebook)
The Good and Bad of "The Shack" (September 5, 2009) - The Good and Bad of "The Shack": Here's a helpful review of William Young's best-selling novel "The Shack" by Trevin Wax. (Via Justin Taylor)... (Keep Reading The Good and Bad of "The Shack")
Dug Down Deep Contest Idea Winners (September 4, 2009) - Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas for how to get the word out on my new book, Dug Down Deep. I said I'd pick a winner, but I got so many good suggestions that I went with my top 5.... (Keep Reading Dug Down Deep Contest Idea Winners)
Catalyst Interviews Joshua Harris (September 1, 2009) - Catalyst Interviews Joshua Harris: I've never had the chance to make it to a Catalyst conference but I'm hoping to one of these days. But recently I met up with a guy named LV who works on the Catalyst team.... (Keep Reading Catalyst Interviews Joshua Harris)
Books for Married Couples (September 1, 2009) - Books for Married Couples: On Sunday I mentioned that I'd share a few suggested books for married couples. Here are a few I'd recommend. Enjoy!... (Keep Reading Books for Married Couples)
Proverbs 3:7-Turn Away From Evil (August 28, 2009) - This video is a clip from a sermon on Proverbs 3:7-12 called "Practicing Trust." You can listen to the audio of the full sermon here.... (Keep Reading Proverbs 3:7-Turn Away From Evil)
Suggestions for Giving Away Dug Down Deep (August 24, 2009) - Hey, everybody. Hope you're doing well. I'd love to get your feedback on something. My publisher wants to promote my new book Dug Down Deep by giving away some "advance reader" copies before it's officially published in January. So here's... (Keep Reading Suggestions for Giving Away Dug Down Deep)
Towers Article on Joshua Harris (August 20, 2009) - Article:The newest issue of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary's publication Towers features an article by Garrett E. Wishall about my experience as a new pastor. Read the article. Interview:They're also featuring a three-part interview with me: Part One, Part... (Keep Reading Towers Article on Joshua Harris)
Proverbs 3:5—Living Off Balance (August 18, 2009) - Listen to the audio of the whole message.... (Keep Reading Proverbs 3:5—Living Off Balance)
Louie Giglio on Twitter (August 14, 2009) - Louie Giglio on Twitter: After playfully slamming Twitter, Louie Giglio is somewhat penitent and has changed his mind. Watch his press conference announcement. And you can follow him @louiegiglio.... (Keep Reading Louie Giglio on Twitter)
Together for the Gospel 2010 Breakouts (August 12, 2009) - Together for the Gospel 2010 Breakouts: I'm honored to be speaking at one of the breakout sessions at T4G 2010. If you're a pastor and have never attended, I'd encourage you to make plans to come. Learn more.... (Keep Reading Together for the Gospel 2010 Breakouts)
J.C. Ryle Quotes Website (August 12, 2009) - J.C. Ryle Quotes Website: I'm a big J.C. Ryle fan. His book Holiness is a must-read. Enjoy this new website dedicated to Ryle quotes.... (Keep Reading J.C. Ryle Quotes Website)
Do Hard Things Tour-Washington, DC, Sept. 19 (August 9, 2009) - Last year our church was able to host the Rebelution conference featuring my brothers Alex and Brett. This September 19th they're coming back to the Washington, DC region but they've moved to a larger venue. If you didn't get... (Keep Reading Do Hard Things Tour-Washington, DC, Sept. 19)
Randy Alcorn on Taking Charge of the TV (August 8, 2009) - My old friend Randy Alcorn has written a helpful post about honoring God in your TV-viewing habits. The whole post is worth reading, but here's the list of suggestions that he shares. Obviously, these aren't laws but they're all helpful... (Keep Reading Randy Alcorn on Taking Charge of the TV)
Proverbs 9 Sermon: Learning to Love Correction (August 6, 2009) - Listen to the audio of the whole message.... (Keep Reading Proverbs 9 Sermon: Learning to Love Correction)
Is the Apple Tablet/Media Pad/eBook Thingy Coming? (August 3, 2009) - Is the Apple Tablet/Media Pad/eBook Thingy Coming?: Even if it doesn't happen it sure is fun to speculate. I'm an Apple fan so I like the idea of other companies shaking in their boots. (If you own a Zune you... (Keep Reading Is the Apple Tablet/Media Pad/eBook Thingy Coming?)
How Would You Invest $10,000 in Eternity? (August 3, 2009) - In the financial world money managers pick the stocks of the companies they think will turn a profit. What would it look like for Christians to invest their money for eternal rewards with the same intentionality? I thought it would... (Keep Reading How Would You Invest $10,000 in Eternity?)
Story Behind "Great is Thy Faithfulness" (August 3, 2009) - Story Behind "Great is Thy Faithfulness": Bob Kauflin shares the story of the very ordinary man behind an extraordinary hymn. Read it.... (Keep Reading Story Behind "Great is Thy Faithfulness")
Sovereign Grace Church Plant in Australia (August 3, 2009) - Sovereign Grace Church Plant in Australia: My friend Dave Taylor is heading up a plant in Australia. Visit the website to learn more. You can also join the Facebook group to stay updated.... (Keep Reading Sovereign Grace Church Plant in Australia)
Lecrae: Don't Waste Your Life Video (August 2, 2009) - I've been enjoying Lecrae's album Rebel. It is Christ-exalting and spiritually provoking. This is the video produced by the amazing team at Desiring God for the song "Don't Waste Your Life."... (Keep Reading Lecrae: Don't Waste Your Life Video)
Francis Chan: Praying Proverbs 30:7-9 (August 1, 2009) - (Keep Reading Francis Chan: Praying Proverbs 30:7-9)
You're Only as Wise As Your Next Decision (August 1, 2009) - How could Solomon, a man of such great wisdom and the author of Proverbs have strayed from faithfulness into the folly of idolatry? Consider a few of the compromises that marked his reign. Deuteronomy 17 tells Israel's kings not to... (Keep Reading You're Only as Wise As Your Next Decision)
Kevin DeYoung's Book on the Church is Better Than Mine (July 27, 2009) - I wrote a book on the church. Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck also wrote a book about the church. I like their book better. I imagine this makes my book feel bad to have its author pick another favorite.... (Keep Reading Kevin DeYoung's Book on the Church is Better Than Mine)
John Calvin on the Gospel (July 25, 2009) - John Calvin on the Gospel: This quote is worth reading. "Without the gospel everything is useless and vain..."... (Keep Reading John Calvin on the Gospel)
Joshua Harris Divorce: Ugly Rumor (July 23, 2009) - Not long after I wrote my first book on relationships and then got married a rumor began to circulate that I'd gotten a divorce. Ten years later we still get emails asking if this is true. One lady told... (Keep Reading Joshua Harris Divorce: Ugly Rumor)
Live Worship from Next 2009 (July 14, 2009) - Live Worship from Next 2009: The live recording from Next is now available. Thirteen songs for $5. My favorites are "I Need You" and "By This We Know Love." Check it out.... (Keep Reading Live Worship from Next 2009)
"I Kissed Dating Goodbye" Pros and Cons (July 14, 2009) - The good folks at Boundless Line have done two posts reflecting on the good, the bad and the ugly related to my book I Kissed Dating Goodbye. I think I must be getting more mature (or maybe just tired) because... (Keep Reading "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" Pros and Cons)
Chicken Hat (July 13, 2009) - Chicken Hat: My friend Josh Deckard shot this video of Joshua Quinn "wearing" one of our chickens.... (Keep Reading Chicken Hat)
7 Keys to Creating a Great List (July 3, 2009) - 1. Start your list with the number 1 and then go from there. 2. Use original and memorable words to describe your list like "key" and "great." 3. Never at any point give in to the creeping fear that your... (Keep Reading 7 Keys to Creating a Great List)
Regina Spektor "Laughing With" Video, Lyrics and Song Meaning (July 1, 2009) - I listened to Regina Spektor's haunting song "Laughing With" several times today. I don't know Regina's personal religious beliefs, but I think she's written a powerful song. To me the song speaks of the fact that suffering strips away our... (Keep Reading Regina Spektor "Laughing With" Video, Lyrics and Song Meaning)
Going Crazy Over Lincoln (June 27, 2009) - Going Crazy Over Lincoln: On vacation I read Team of Rivals and Manhunt. Next in line are two by Ronald C. White, Jr.: A. Lincoln and Lincoln's Greatest Speech. I just wrote James L. Swanson an email that probably made... (Keep Reading Going Crazy Over Lincoln)
A Letter from Ray Ortlund to His Family (June 22, 2009) - I came across a letter that the late Ray Ortlund wrote for his family before he went to be with the Lord. His son, Ray Ortlund, Jr., found it in his father's desk and I'm grateful that he and his... (Keep Reading A Letter from Ray Ortlund to His Family)
Resting, Remembering and Enjoying My Family (June 3, 2009) - Tomorrow I'm going on vacation with my family. Very kind friends let us use their place down in Florida. My little girl keeps asking when we're going on "cation." She asks if we'll see whales and sharks. Somehow someone... (Keep Reading Resting, Remembering and Enjoying My Family)
Kevin DeYoung: Defining Discourse Down (June 2, 2009) - Check out this convicting and insightful article by Kevin DeYoung entitled Defining Discourse Down. Here are two excerpts from it... Because I'm proud I get hurt when people disagree with me strongly. Because I'm proud I feel the need to... (Keep Reading Kevin DeYoung: Defining Discourse Down)
Homeschooling Grows (June 1, 2009) - Homeschooling Grows: I saw this article in USA Today the other day at the grocery store. It's fascinating to see how the homeschool movement is evolving. Read it.... (Keep Reading Homeschooling Grows)
Joshua Harris Facebook Fan Page (June 1, 2009) - New Facebook Page: This sounds really cheesy, but we just launched a "fan page" over on Facebook. So here's the deal: I've almost reached the limit of friends I'm allowed to have so we started it as a way to... (Keep Reading Joshua Harris Facebook Fan Page)
John Piper on Twitter in Worship (May 29, 2009) - John Piper on Twitter in Worship: Commenting on the issue of Twitter during worship he writes that we should "use Twitter before and after corporate worship to say what you take in and take out. But when you are in... (Keep Reading John Piper on Twitter in Worship)
Should We Use Twitter During Church? (May 28, 2009) - In the past year Twitter has exploded in popularity. A USA Today article I read this week said its membership increased 3,000% in the last year. This year at Next 2009 a number of attendees (along with the team... (Keep Reading Should We Use Twitter During Church?)
Free Sermons from D.A. Carson, Sinclair Ferguson & Kevin DeYoung (May 27, 2009) - And now the audio of the main sessions is available for free download. Bob Kauflin has also shared the song list from the conference. A live recording of the worship will be sold online only in about three weeks.... (Keep Reading Free Sermons from D.A. Carson, Sinclair Ferguson & Kevin DeYoung)
Next 2009: Thank You (May 26, 2009) - To everyone who came, thank you for helping us rent the convention center so we could worship Jesus in downtown Baltimore. Thanks to all the pastors and leaders who brought people. Thanks to the young married couples and people my... (Keep Reading Next 2009: Thank You)
The Preeminence of Christ (May 26, 2009) - The Preeminence of Christ: All the messages from Next 2009 will be available soon for free download. But for now here's the audio of my session in which I talk about what it means for Jesus to be preeminent in... (Keep Reading The Preeminence of Christ)
Nancy Leigh DeMoss on Miss California (May 20, 2009) - Nancy Leigh DeMoss on Miss California: Nancy shares some insightful comments on Carrie Prejean. "In my mind, Carrie Prejean's story is symptomatic of deeper root issues in the evangelical world--issues that in my opinion outweigh most of what is being... (Keep Reading Nancy Leigh DeMoss on Miss California)
Going to Next 2009 (May 20, 2009) - This weekend I'm in Baltimore with 2,500 worshipers of Jesus Christ to spend four days considering who Jesus is and what he's done for us. If you're a friend of Next but can't make it this year, make sure to... (Keep Reading Going to Next 2009)
Scribbles (May 16, 2009) - Scribbles: This is a very cool drawing tool that my kids have enjoyed. A paid version is available, but I just downloaded the free version (which leaves a watermark if you want to print or email). It's very easy to... (Keep Reading Scribbles)
Free Coldplay Album (May 16, 2009) - Free Coldplay Album: They're giving away a free download of a live album called "LeftRightLeftRightLeft." Get it.... (Keep Reading Free Coldplay Album)
Os Guinness: Life and Ministry Interview (May 14, 2009) - Today I gave my brothers Alex and Brett a ride to the airport. They just finished their first year of college and were headed home (via a trip to Ohio for our cousin's wedding). Anyway, on the way back I... (Keep Reading Os Guinness: Life and Ministry Interview)
Sam Storms: Panting After God (May 13, 2009) - Sam Storms: Panting After God: In a meditation on Psalm 42 Sam Storms writes, "It is a sweet bitterness. The next best thing to living in the light of the Lord's love is to be unhappy till we have it,... (Keep Reading Sam Storms: Panting After God)
Death is Not Dying: Rachel Barkey's Story (May 13, 2009) - After four and a half years of vigilantly fighting breast cancer, Rachel Barkey, a 37-year-old wife and mother of two was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Rachel's story is not unlike what thousands of women around the world have experienced.... (Keep Reading Death is Not Dying: Rachel Barkey's Story)
New Mac Ads: Time Traveling PC (May 12, 2009) - New Mac Ads: Time Traveling PC: There are a new batch of Mac ads that are pretty funny. Watch the one called "Time Traveler." PC goes to the year 2150 to see if PCs work better then. I like the... (Keep Reading New Mac Ads: Time Traveling PC)
Malcolm Gladwell: How David Beats Goliath (May 10, 2009) - Malcolm Gladwell: How David Beats Goliath: In a New Yorker article bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell makes the point that "Effort can trump ability." He writes, "We tell ourselves that skill is the precious resource and effort is the commodity. It's... (Keep Reading Malcolm Gladwell: How David Beats Goliath)
Sinclair Ferguson on Imputed Righteousness (May 9, 2009) - Here's a short video of Sinclair Ferguson reflecting on the imputed righteousness of Christ, that is, "the simple glory of the Gospel that God counts to us the righteousness of Jesus Christ...not only are our sins forgiven, but the holiness... (Keep Reading Sinclair Ferguson on Imputed Righteousness)
Giving Birth to a Book (May 5, 2009) - The man who helped edit my first book once told me that writing a book is the closest a man comes to giving birth. I try not to share this with women because I've found that it really annoys them.... (Keep Reading Giving Birth to a Book)
Can You Twitter the Gospel? (May 5, 2009) - The team over at 9Marks invite you to succinctly communicate the Gospel in Twitter's 140 character limit. They're even offering free books to those who do it most effectively. Is this a worthy exercise? Greg Gilbert writes, "we ought to... (Keep Reading Can You Twitter the Gospel?)
May Issue of the Next Webzine (May 2, 2009) - The May 2009 issue of the Next Webzine is now live. Here's what you'll find inside: Author Spotlight D.A. Carson is one of the foremost biblical scholars of our day and has written or edited more books than you’ve probably... (Keep Reading May Issue of the Next Webzine)
Session Passes Available for NEXT 2009 (May 1, 2009) - A number of people have asked if they can attend individual sessions of Next. What if you want to hear Carson or Ferguson but can't get the whole weekend off work or can't afford staying at a hotel? Well... (Keep Reading Session Passes Available for NEXT 2009)
A Baptism Testimony: Kristin Hoover (April 30, 2009) - This is the testimony of Kristin Hoover, one of the seven young adults who were baptized last Sunday at our church. I'm so grateful to God for these students and the grace of God in their lives. All of them... (Keep Reading A Baptism Testimony: Kristin Hoover)
Twitter Flu: Are You Infected? (April 29, 2009) - Everyone is talking about Twitter and Swine Flu these days. And both seem to be spreading. Two days ago my good friend and fellow pastor Kenneth Maresco caught the Twitter Flu. For me that's the sign of saturation. Whenever Kenneth... (Keep Reading Twitter Flu: Are You Infected?)
Come See Pilgrim! (April 29, 2009) - If you're anywhere near Gaithersburg, Maryland, you should come see our church's youth drama, "Pilgrim: A Work in Progress," based on John Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress." It is outstanding. Below are some shots from the last performance. Get info on the... (Keep Reading Come See Pilgrim!)
Free Gospel Coalition Messages (April 28, 2009) - Free Gospel Coalition Messages: Audio and in some cases video of the sessions from the Gospel Coalition Conference are now available online.... (Keep Reading Free Gospel Coalition Messages)
Final Stretch of Book Writing (April 28, 2009) - For the past two years I've been working on a new book. I'm not at liberty to share details about its title or content right now, but that will be coming later in the year. It's very different than anything... (Keep Reading Final Stretch of Book Writing)
Job by John Piper-Illustrated Edition (April 22, 2009) - Watched this video for John Piper's book of poetry based on the Old Testament book of Job and my thoughts went to a number of dear saints I know who are grieving and suffering today. My prayers are with you.... (Keep Reading Job by John Piper-Illustrated Edition)
Tim Keller on Religious Idols (April 22, 2009) - Today in his message at The Gospel Coalition, Tim Keller talked about the importance of confronting idols in preaching the gospel. He taught that idolatry is anything I look at and say, "If I have that, my life has value."... (Keep Reading Tim Keller on Religious Idols)
Gospel Coalition 2009 Conference (April 19, 2009) - This week I'll be in Chicago for the Gospel Coalition 2009 Conference. I'm going with my dear friends and fellow-pastors Grant Layman, Kenneth Maresco and Corby Megorden. I wish we could have taken our whole team, but budget cuts... (Keep Reading Gospel Coalition 2009 Conference)
J.C. Ryle: Cry to God for Mercy (April 18, 2009) - It is useless to say you cannot pray till you have faith and a new heart, and that you must sit still and wait for them. This is to add sin to sin. It is bad enough to be unconverted... (Keep Reading J.C. Ryle: Cry to God for Mercy)
Tullian Tchividjian: Unfashionable (April 18, 2009) - Time for a friendly plug for my buddy Tullian Tchividjian's book Unfashionable: Making a Difference in the World by Being Different. The book was just released. Check out a few of these rave reviews: D. A. Carson: "It is... (Keep Reading Tullian Tchividjian: Unfashionable)
TIME Magazine: The New Frugality (April 17, 2009) - The cover of the latest issue of TIME states, "The recession has changed more than just how we live. It's changed what we value and what we expect - even after the economy recovers." Nancy Gibbs writes, "[W]e're stripping... (Keep Reading TIME Magazine: The New Frugality)
A Bigger Problem Than Death (April 15, 2009) - Here's a portion of a sermon on John 11. Don't you love how weird I look in this freeze frame? It's my imitation of what Lazarus looked like when he came out of the tomb.... (Keep Reading A Bigger Problem Than Death)
A Lincoln Rival on Ambition (April 14, 2009) - A Lincoln Rival on Ambition: "Ambition is a passion, at once strong and insidious, and is very apt to cheat a man out of his happiness and his true respectability of character." - Edward Bates, quoted in Team of Rivals... (Keep Reading A Lincoln Rival on Ambition)
Spurgeon on Praying for Guidance (April 14, 2009) - Spurgeon on Praying for Guidance: "Take your difficulty to God in prayer and say, 'Speak, Lord, for Your servant hears' (1 Sam. 3:9). Do not ask God to confirm your opinion; ask Him to make your opinion conform to His... (Keep Reading Spurgeon on Praying for Guidance)
Resurrection Sermons from Next Speakers (April 14, 2009) - Resurrection Sermons from Next Speakers: Over at the Next Blog, Ricky Alcantar has compiled a list of Easter sermons from the guys speaking at Next 2009--D.A. Carson, Kevin DeYoung, CJ Mahaney, Sinclair Ferguson and Yours Truly.... (Keep Reading Resurrection Sermons from Next Speakers)
Essential Rules for Pirates (April 13, 2009) - Essential Rules for Pirates: Rule #1 "Don't mess with the Navy SEALS." The story of the sacrificial leadership of Capt. Richard Phillips, the bravery of his crew, and his rescue by the SEALS is a welcome bit of good news.... (Keep Reading Essential Rules for Pirates)
Essential Words for Cheesy Christian Pop Songs (April 12, 2009) - Essential Words for Cheesy Christian Pop Songs: I did a guest post over at Abraham Piper's 22 Words blog. Sincere apologies to all my Nashville friends. Read the list.... (Keep Reading Essential Words for Cheesy Christian Pop Songs)
John Newton and Bob Kauflin "The Look" (April 11, 2009) - Tonight at our Good Friday night of prayer and worship we sang this song: I saw one hanging on a tree In agony and blood Who fixed His loving eyes on me As near His cross I stood And never... (Keep Reading John Newton and Bob Kauflin "The Look")
Good Friday Meditation by Kevin DeYoung (April 10, 2009) - Kevin DeYoung wrote the following reflection as he prepared for his Good Friday service and I wanted to share it with you: Hebrews 2:14-17 "Since therefore the children share in flesh and blood, he himself likewise partook of the same... (Keep Reading Good Friday Meditation by Kevin DeYoung)
Twitter Hashtags: What Does the # Sign Mean? (April 10, 2009) - Twitter Hashtags: What Does the # Sign Mean? Ever wondered what all the # signs on Twitter mean? They're called "hashtags." Twitter Fan Wiki explains: "Hashtags are a community-driven convention for adding additional context and metadata to your tweets. They're... (Keep Reading Twitter Hashtags: What Does the # Sign Mean?)
You Cannot Read Too Much in Scripture (April 7, 2009) - This week Shannon and I are enjoying the Sovereign Grace Pastor's Conference. C.J. gave a great message last night reminding us of our calling to "shepherd the flock of God" from 1 Peter 5:1-2. Tonight Jeff Purswell preached from 2... (Keep Reading You Cannot Read Too Much in Scripture)
Scripture for E-Mail, Blogs and Twitter (April 6, 2009) - We've all sent an e-mail and forgotten to include the attachment we promise. But have you ever sent the wrong e-mail to the wrong person? Slate's Michael Agger has an interesting article "Can't Believe I Just Sent That" which describes... (Keep Reading Scripture for E-Mail, Blogs and Twitter)
Charles Spurgeon on Manmade Gods (April 3, 2009) - "Earthly comforts are loaned. They are not gifts, for all that we possess is God's property. He has only lent them, and what he lends He has a right to take. We hold possessions and friends on a lease that... (Keep Reading Charles Spurgeon on Manmade Gods)
Kevin DeYoung: Just Do Something (April 2, 2009) - The following is the foreword I wrote for Kevin DeYoung's new book Just Do Something. It is God's will for you to read this book. Yes, I'm talking to you. What are the odds that you would "just happen" to... (Keep Reading Kevin DeYoung: Just Do Something)
Facebook's Unique Temptations (April 2, 2009) - Facebook's Unique Temptations: It's a great tool, but are you using it wisely? What does it mean to use Facebook for the glory of God? Stephen Altrogge evaluates how Facebook intersects with a Christian's relationship with God, relationships with others... (Keep Reading Facebook's Unique Temptations)
Self-Sufficiency's Antidote (April 2, 2009) - Self-Sufficiency's Antidote: C.J. Mahaney shares how he battles self-sufficiency by casting his cares on the Lord through prayer. "The very act of pausing in a busy day to pray is an act of weakening pride in my life, acknowledging that... (Keep Reading Self-Sufficiency's Antidote)
I Pray That God Will Be With You (April 1, 2009) - A good friend who knows I'm neck-deep in the book-revising process sent me an email saying that he would be praying for me. Then he wrote, "My prayer for you is that God would be with you. Not in the... (Keep Reading I Pray That God Will Be With You)
April 2009 Webzine in 60 Seconds (April 1, 2009) - The April 2009 issue of the Next Webzine is up. Here’s a 60-second run down courtesy of my friend Ricky Alcantar… Author Spotlight This month we're highlighting work from Kevin DeYoung. We like Kevin because he's a young pastor... (Keep Reading April 2009 Webzine in 60 Seconds)
Coldplay Puppets Shock Crowd (April 1, 2009) - Coldplay Puppets Shock Crowd: Maybe I have a very strange sense of humor, but I thought this Coldplay video was hilarious. My favorite parts: the first time the pyrotechnics explode, Chris Martin stage-diving and the helicopter.... (Keep Reading Coldplay Puppets Shock Crowd)
Cherry Blossoms (March 30, 2009) - Video Description: Today we gave mom some time off and spent a few hours enjoying the Cherry Blossoms in DC. Emma, Joshua Quinn and Mary Kate visit the FDR Memorial, circle the whole Tidal Basin, climb a few trees... (Keep Reading Cherry Blossoms)
Al Mohler and Fruit of the Loom (March 28, 2009) - Al Mohler and Fruit of the Loom: Today on Twitter Al Mohler wrote: "Just passed Fruit of the Loom plant in Bowling Green, KY. Impressive, but I have no time to stop for a briefing."... (Keep Reading Al Mohler and Fruit of the Loom)
What the Teleprompter Teaches Preachers (March 27, 2009) - In an op-ed piece entitled What the Teleprompter Teaches, columnist Michael Gerson says that it's a mistake to argue that the uncrafted, "off the cuff" comments of a leader are somehow more authentic. He writes, Governing is a craft, not... (Keep Reading What the Teleprompter Teaches Preachers)
Evangelical Leaders Passing the Baton (March 27, 2009) - Evangelical Leaders Passing the Baton: My friend Tullian Tchividjian is highlighted in this World Magazine article about how mega-ministries grapple with a founder's departure. Lynn Vincent writes: "The leadership transfer at Coral Ridge is one among several recent changings-of-the-guard in... (Keep Reading Evangelical Leaders Passing the Baton)
Power in Weakness, Vision in the Valley (March 27, 2009) - This morning I read 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 in which Paul, after asking that his "thorn in the flesh" be removed, shares how God enabled him to boast in his weakness:But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you,... (Keep Reading Power in Weakness, Vision in the Valley)
The Real Population Threat (March 25, 2009) - The Real Population Threat: Al Mohler writes that the real population threat the world faces isn't over-population, but "depopulation." Referencing a USA Today article by Philip Longman, Mohler states, "On a global scale, we are seeing the population of older... (Keep Reading The Real Population Threat)
Preview: Mark Driscoll on Nightline's Satan Debate (March 24, 2009) - Update: The Nightline Faceoff Debate is now online. You can watch it here. Amy Letinsky stopped by the site and let me know that she attended the debate taped last week featuring Pastor Mark Driscoll, Annie Lobert, Bishop Carlton Pearson,... (Keep Reading Preview: Mark Driscoll on Nightline's Satan Debate)
5,000 Guys Singing (March 23, 2009) - 5,000 Guys Singing: Lately I've been listening to the Together for the Gospel Live album. It's an album of hymns sung by all the brothers who gathered for the conference last year. My friend Bob Kauflin leads on piano. Very... (Keep Reading 5,000 Guys Singing)
D.A. Carson: The Gospel in the Storyline of Scripture (March 23, 2009) - "Thus the gospel is integrally tied to the Bible's story-line. Indeed, it is incomprehensible without understanding that story-line. God is the sovereign, transcendent and personal God who has made the universe, including us, his image-bearers. Our misery lies in our... (Keep Reading D.A. Carson: The Gospel in the Storyline of Scripture)
John Stott: The Double Influence of the Christian (March 23, 2009) - "You are the salt of the earth....You are the light of the world."—Jesus, Matthew 5:13-14 "So Jesus calls his disciples to exert a double influence on the secular community, a negative influence by arresting its decay and a positive influence... (Keep Reading John Stott: The Double Influence of the Christian)
New Life Restarting Churches (March 22, 2009) - New Life Restarting Churches: A church in Chicago called New Life has been adopting and restarting several historic churches in the city. This video is an inspiring reminder that the church in every generation is called to be multi-generational and... (Keep Reading New Life Restarting Churches)
Beatbox Chef (March 21, 2009) - (Hat Tip: Richard Wardman)... (Keep Reading Beatbox Chef)
Mark Driscoll in "Satan Debate" on Nightline (March 20, 2009) - Mark Driscoll in "Satan Debate" on Nightline: Driscoll participated in a debate about the existence of Satan. The show was taped tonight and will air March 26. The Christian Post reports: "Two controversial preachers, a former Las Vegas escort and... (Keep Reading Mark Driscoll in "Satan Debate" on Nightline)
White House Organic Garden (March 20, 2009) - White House Organic Garden: I think this is cool. First Lady, Michelle Obama is planting an organic garden on the White House lawn. The Washington Post reports: "The 1,100-square-foot garden will include 55 kinds of vegetables, including peppers, spinach....There will... (Keep Reading White House Organic Garden)
Reflections on the Word "Unchurched" (March 19, 2009) - I think that one of the oddest words in the Christian lexicon is the word unchurched. Have you heard someone use this word? Usually it's spoken by pastors or church leaders talking about the people they want to save. At... (Keep Reading Reflections on the Word "Unchurched")
Professional Athletes Go Broke (March 18, 2009) - As the old saying goes, "A fool and his money are soon parted." The latest issue of Sports Illustrated has a nine-page investigative spread, "Money in Sports - How (and Why) Athletes Go Broke," By Pablo S. Torre, who sat... (Keep Reading Professional Athletes Go Broke)
An Interview With Tullian Tchividjian-Part 1 (March 16, 2009) - The following is an interview I did back in 2007. I'm sharing it again here for those have heard about Tullian replacing D. James Kennedy and are interested to learn more about him and his ministry. This interview (part... (Keep Reading An Interview With Tullian Tchividjian-Part 1)
Tullian Tchividjian Replaces D. James Kennedy (March 15, 2009) - Congratulations to my friend Tullian Tchividjian who will become the new Senior Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. Today the members of Coral Ridge gathered for a congregational meeting and voted (91%) to accept their Pulpit Nominating Committee's invitation... (Keep Reading Tullian Tchividjian Replaces D. James Kennedy)
Christians, Television and Sordid Bible Stories (March 15, 2009) - I received the following question after my post about the new TV show Kings which is based on the life of King David: QUESTION: Hi Josh, I was just wondering whether you could comment on the values you expect of... (Keep Reading Christians, Television and Sordid Bible Stories)
Michael Tait of dcTalk Becomes Newsboys Frontman (March 14, 2009) - Michael Tait of dcTalk Becomes Newsboys Frontman: I am having a Christian music 90's flashback. I saw both dcTalk and the Newsboys many times in concert back in the day. Anybody remember the revolving drum kit? Anybody else wear out... (Keep Reading Michael Tait of dcTalk Becomes Newsboys Frontman)
Jon Stewart Skewers Jim Cramer (March 14, 2009) - Jon Stewart Skewers Jim Cramer: Have you heard about or watched the interview that Daily Show host, Jon Stewart did with the Mad Money guy John Cramer? Wow. Ouch. What an upside-down world we live in. A comedy news show... (Keep Reading Jon Stewart Skewers Jim Cramer)
Tim Hawkins: Chick-fil-A Parody Song (March 13, 2009) - (Keep Reading Tim Hawkins: Chick-fil-A Parody Song)
Philip Graham Ryken on the Church (March 13, 2009) - I'm working on chapter eleven of my new book. (No, I don't want to tell you the title yet. No, it's not coming out soon. Lord willing, it will release in February 2010.) Anyway, this chapter is about God's purpose... (Keep Reading Philip Graham Ryken on the Church)
Sufjan Steven's Free "Illinoize" Remix Tracks (March 13, 2009) - Sufjan Steven's Free "Illinoize" Remix Tracks: My friend pointed me to a free download of remixed songs by indie wonder-boy Sufjan Stevens. A Montreal-based producer named Tor basically did a hip-hop version of several songs. I've been listening to them... (Keep Reading Sufjan Steven's Free "Illinoize" Remix Tracks)
Tullian Tchividjian and Coral Ridge (March 12, 2009) - Tullian Tchividjian and Coral Ridge: Please pray for my good friend Tullian whose church New City is in the process of merging with Coral Ridge, the church of the late Dr. D. James Kennedy. As you can imagine there is... (Keep Reading Tullian Tchividjian and Coral Ridge)
The New Super-Tiny, Talking iPod Shuffle (March 12, 2009) - You guys know I'm a big Apple fan. I love music and I love my iPhone. Well, Apple has released a new, smaller, "talking" version of its popular iPod Shuffle. Apple writes: "VoiceOver is the exciting new feature that... (Keep Reading The New Super-Tiny, Talking iPod Shuffle)
Twitter Style Guide (March 12, 2009) - Twitter Style Guide: This is Grammar Girl's "Strunk and Twite" unofficial guide to writing for Twitter. My favorite rule: "Don't use abbreviations such as 4U and L8. They make you sound like a 12-year-old (which is bad, unless you actually... (Keep Reading Twitter Style Guide)
I Feel Like I'm Stealing (March 12, 2009) - Okay, so maybe you all already know about this, but I've only recently discovered that a free preview of the ESV Study Bible is available online for the month of March. After that it will be available for anyone who... (Keep Reading I Feel Like I'm Stealing)
Piper on David Wilkerson's Prophecy (March 10, 2009) - Piper on David Wilkerson's Prophecy: What should Christians make of David Wilkerson's prophecy of impending doom for NYC? John Piper applies 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21 that says, "Do not despise prophecies, but test everything; hold fast what is good" and examines... (Keep Reading Piper on David Wilkerson's Prophecy)
A Definition of Work, Trade and Finance (March 10, 2009) - Some men wrest a living from nature; this is called work. Some men wrest a living from those who wrest a living from nature; this is called trade. Some men wrest a living from those who wrest a living from... (Keep Reading A Definition of Work, Trade and Finance)
Losing My Religion (March 9, 2009) - Losing My Religion: The Washington Post reports, "The percentage of Americans who call themselves Christians has dropped dramatically over the past two decades, and those who do are increasingly identifying themselves without traditional denomination labels, according to a major study... (Keep Reading Losing My Religion)
I Am So Proud of My Brothers (March 6, 2009) - I Am So Proud of My Brothers: Alex and Brett's book Do Hard Things has been chosen as the "Youth Outreach Resource of the Year" in the March/April 2009 issue of Outreach Magazine. Congrats, boys!... (Keep Reading I Am So Proud of My Brothers)
Next Webzine: March Issue Online (March 6, 2009) - Read it.... (Keep Reading Next Webzine: March Issue Online)
Yoda, Batman, Facebook is Not for You (March 6, 2009) - Yoda, Batman, Facebook is Not for You: I thought this Wash Post article was funny. Turns out that if you have an interesting name like Yoda, Batman or Super, you'll have a tough time convincing Facebook to let you use... (Keep Reading Yoda, Batman, Facebook is Not for You)
How Much is a Trillion Dollars? (March 5, 2009) - Ever wondered? This is really cool. (Hat Tip: Justin Taylor via Matt Perman.)... (Keep Reading How Much is a Trillion Dollars?)
Next 2009 Needs Your Blog (March 3, 2009) - Next 2009 Needs Your Blog: To all my blogging friends: Would you consider posting one of our banners or buttons on your site to help us tell others about the conference? The vision of Next is to see the gospel... (Keep Reading Next 2009 Needs Your Blog)
Narnia Version of "Guess Who?" (March 3, 2009) - A few years ago I made a Chronicles of Narnia version of the game Guess Who? for my kids. Have you ever played this game? The object is to guess the name of the other person through a process of... (Keep Reading Narnia Version of "Guess Who?")
Christian Cringe Award (March 3, 2009) - Christian Cringe Award: The winner of the 2008 Christian Cringe Award (something I just made up) goes to the movie Sunday School Musical. No, this is not a spoof it is a real "Christian" direct to DVD movie that is... (Keep Reading Christian Cringe Award)
The Girl with Purple Hair (March 2, 2009) - Why'd she have to smile? The girl with purple hair smiled at me today. The girl with the purple hair and nose ring and black lipstick passed me on the sidewalk and smiled. Why'd she have to smile? I was... (Keep Reading The Girl with Purple Hair)
And Can It Be? (February 28, 2009) - And Can It Be: This month our church is memorizing Charles Wesley's classic hymn. Lyrics, background information and breakdown of its content can be found here.... (Keep Reading And Can It Be?)
A Definition of Worldliness (February 26, 2009) - A Definition of Worldliness: In Concise Theology, J.I. Packer defines it as "any internalizing of the earthbound self-absorption of the people of this world."... (Keep Reading A Definition of Worldliness)
Love Your Enemies (February 26, 2009) - Jesus said, "But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High, for he is kind to the ungrateful and the evil.... (Keep Reading Love Your Enemies)
Books I'm Reading (February 23, 2009) - Books I'm Reading: Driscoll, Tchvidjian, Chester, Stott and Spurgeon. Here are some books I'm dipping into at the moment.... (Keep Reading Books I'm Reading)
Warning Signs that Facebook is Too Important (February 23, 2009) - Warning Signs that Facebook is Too Important: Here's one to look out for: you're tempted to steal someone's laptop to check your Facebook page.... (Keep Reading Warning Signs that Facebook is Too Important)
Favorite iPhone Game (February 23, 2009) - Favorite iPhone Game: Rolando is our family's favorite game. It was created exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch.... (Keep Reading Favorite iPhone Game)
The Arrival by Shaun Tan (February 23, 2009) - My eight-year-old daughter Emma was fascinated by a book she got from the library about immigrants and the history of Ellis Island. So this past Christmas I bought her a book called The Arrival by Shaun Tan. The Arrival... (Keep Reading The Arrival by Shaun Tan)
A Letter That Made My Day (February 21, 2009) - A guy named Mike left a comment a few days ago that made my day. You can take or leave what I've written about relationships, but if you come away from something I've written amazed by the cross of Christ,... (Keep Reading A Letter That Made My Day)
Trailer for Next 2009 (YouTube Version) (February 19, 2009) - To embed the video on your blog click here. Or watch a higher quality version.... (Keep Reading Trailer for Next 2009 (YouTube Version))
Latest Peanut Product Recalls (February 19, 2009) - Latest Peanut Product Recalls: Here's an Associated Press list of possibly salmonella tainted peanut products. Stick with the ham sandwich today!... (Keep Reading Latest Peanut Product Recalls)
Coldplay and Common Grace (February 18, 2009) - Coldplay and Common Grace: Viva la Vida is my favorite album of 2008. Over at The Blazing Center, my friend Mark Altrogge has an interesting post called Coldplay Speaks about the band's enthusiasm, humility and diligence.... (Keep Reading Coldplay and Common Grace)
Deeper Proof (February 18, 2009) - Deeper Proof: "If you have shallow sorrows you will receive shallow graces. If you have deep afflictions you will obtain deeper proof of God's faithfulness."—Spurgeon, Beside Still Waters.... (Keep Reading Deeper Proof)
Thanks for all the Feedback (February 17, 2009) - To all the people who took the time to fill out the questionnaire on the Holy Spirit, "Thank you!" I really appreciate your answers and have found them very useful. Please pray for me as I finish work on the... (Keep Reading Thanks for all the Feedback)
Holy Spirit Questionnaire (February 16, 2009) - The subject line of this post ended up sounding kinda weird. Let me explain. I'm working on a chapter for my new book on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. If you're willing to help me out, I'd... (Keep Reading Holy Spirit Questionnaire)
The Nourishing Gourmet (February 14, 2009) - The Nourishing Gourmet: My sister-in-law Kimberly is passionate about nourishing, healthy (and frugal!) cooking, family, and supporting local farmers. Find recipes and other tips on health-giving food at her site The Nourishing Gourmet.... (Keep Reading The Nourishing Gourmet)
We Need Your Help (February 14, 2009) - We Need Your Help: We just set up a "Spread the Word" section on the Next site where you can easily request brochures, posters and stickers for the 2009 conference. If you can help us tell others about this event... (Keep Reading We Need Your Help)
What I've Learned Since I Kissed Dating Goodbye (February 14, 2009) - Happy Valentine's Day everybody! Recently I've been working on a series of posts summarizing some messages I've done in the past few years on the topic of relationships. Unfortunately, because of my work on my new book, I haven't... (Keep Reading What I've Learned Since I Kissed Dating Goodbye)
Resolved 2009 Conference (February 12, 2009) - Our friends at Resolved have a great conference planned. Here's the trailer...... (Keep Reading Resolved 2009 Conference)
A Definition of Repentance (February 10, 2009) - "Repentance means turning from as much as you know of your sin to give as much as you know of yourself to as much as you know of your God, and as our knowledge grows at these three points so... (Keep Reading A Definition of Repentance)
Indulgences Make a Comeback (February 10, 2009) - Indulgences Make a Comeback: Read a fascinating article in today's New York Times about the return of indulgences in the Catholic church. "According to church teaching, even after sinners are absolved in the confessional and say their Our Fathers or... (Keep Reading Indulgences Make a Comeback)
Conference Nightmares (February 10, 2009) - Conference Nightmares: Am I the only one this happens to?... (Keep Reading Conference Nightmares)
Kevin Deyoung's New Blog (February 8, 2009) - Kevin Deyoung's New Blog: Pastor and author Kevin DeYoung has launched a new blog: DeYoung, Restless, and Reformed. Kevin co-authored Why We're Not Emergent and has a great book on guidance called Just Do Something coming out in April. And... (Keep Reading Kevin Deyoung's New Blog)
Free Messages from Next (February 6, 2009) - Free Message from Next: We just launched the Resource Page at Next which features free MP3s of the past four years of the conference with sermons by John Piper, Mark Dever, Al Mohler, Mike Bullmore and Bob Kauflin.... (Keep Reading Free Messages from Next)
Prioritizing Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (February 6, 2009) - Which part of your Bible should you spend more time in? J.I. Packer thinks the answer is the four gospels. Today I read a though-provoking quote by Packer in which he made the point that people often have unclear views... (Keep Reading Prioritizing Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)
Everything Has an End (February 5, 2009) - I mentioned in another post that our family has been reading a children's book called The Railway Children by E. Nesbit. Tonight, as we finished the final chapters, we read the following quote which I enjoyed. It gives you a... (Keep Reading Everything Has an End)
Horses and Chariots of Fire All Around (February 5, 2009) - Here's a passage that has encouraged me. Take heart, Christian. Those who are with us are more... "When the servant of the man of God rose early in the morning and went out, behold, an army with horses and chariots... (Keep Reading Horses and Chariots of Fire All Around)
Charles Bridges: Lie Low but Look High (February 2, 2009) - A quote I've been encouraged by recently... The main difficulty, therefore, is not in our work, but in ourselves; in the conflict with our own unbelief, in the form either of indolence or self-dependence. When faith is really brought into... (Keep Reading Charles Bridges: Lie Low but Look High)
Next the Conference: May 23-26 (January 31, 2009) - For those of you who don't know, I lead an annual, national conference called Next (formerly named New Attitude). This year we're gathering May 23-26 at the Baltimore Convention Center. I'm really excited about the theme we've chosen. We're... (Keep Reading Next the Conference: May 23-26)
Tim Challies' iPology (January 31, 2009) - Well, folks, it's been officially confirmed that Tim Challies really is discerning: he owns a Mac. You may now safely read his book. Check out his humorous post about switching from a PC. Congratulations, Tim! And I must be growing... (Keep Reading Tim Challies' iPology)
Next is Now (January 29, 2009) - www.thisisnext.org... (Keep Reading Next is Now)
Laura Story: Great God Who Saves (January 26, 2009) - If you're looking for new music...Laura Story is the singer-songwriter who penned the song Indescribable that Chris Tomlin made famous. I just stumbled across her album Great God Who Saves and bought it on iTunes for $8.99. It's good. I... (Keep Reading Laura Story: Great God Who Saves)
The Railway Children (January 25, 2009) - The Railway Children: Shannon has been reading E. Nesbit's classic book The Railway Children to the kids for school. I've read a few chapters and really enjoyed it. I don't know why I never read this growing up.... (Keep Reading The Railway Children)
Disney Dumps Narnia (January 24, 2009) - Disney Dumps Narnia: The LA Times reports that a nasty feud between Disney and Walden Media has led to break in their partnership. Evidently, the Caspian film cost a lot more to market and didn't bring in as much cash.... (Keep Reading Disney Dumps Narnia)
A Super-Sized Definition of Need (January 24, 2009) - Recently, I was reading about Japanese sumo wrestlers. (Touching base with my heritage a little.) If you are familiar with sumo wrestlers, they gain hundreds of pounds. These men are huge. And they do this by eating massive amounts... (Keep Reading A Super-Sized Definition of Need)
Abortion and Obama's First Few Days (January 23, 2009) - Abortion and Obama's First Few Days: This is a good post from Justin Taylor on steps President Obama has already taken to express his support of abortion. So sad.... (Keep Reading Abortion and Obama's First Few Days)
Obama's Life Story (January 22, 2009) - (Keep Reading Obama's Life Story)
A Few Useful Websites (January 16, 2009) - Some websites that I am looovving. (Three o's and two v's means serious love.) You probably know all about them and have used them for years. I don't claim to be cutting edge...Pandora. Is this the coolest thing ever? Create... (Keep Reading A Few Useful Websites)
The Conference Formerly Known as New Attitude (January 16, 2009) - The Conference Formerly Known as New Attitude: After ten years, we're giving New Attitude a new name. Let's be honest, the only thing called New Attitude is a bad Patti Labelle song from the 80's and a few cheap nail... (Keep Reading The Conference Formerly Known as New Attitude)
Alex and Brett Harris on New Attitude (January 13, 2009) - In anticipation of launching a new website, announcing a new lineup of speakers and unveiling a new name for the conference (you heard it first here), we've asked past attendees to share stories of how God has used the... (Keep Reading Alex and Brett Harris on New Attitude)
Broke me Like a Twig (January 8, 2009) - Check out the stories being shared at New Attitude. The latest one by a guy who came determined "not to get saved" is one of my favorites. Registration for 2009 is going to launch soon. Actually more than just... (Keep Reading Broke me Like a Twig)
Son of Hamas Leader Turns Back on Islam and Embraces Christianity (January 4, 2009) - My friend Linda sent me the link to the story of Mosab Hassan Yousef. He was born the son of an influential leader in the militant Hamas organization in the West Bank and grew up in a strict Islamic... (Keep Reading Son of Hamas Leader Turns Back on Islam and Embraces Christianity)
John Stott: Is Man Basically Good? (January 3, 2009) - I came across the following quote and thought it was a strong argument for the Bible's teaching that mankind has a fallen, sinful nature. "Much that we take for granted in a civilized society is based upon the assumption of... (Keep Reading John Stott: Is Man Basically Good?)
New Year, New Journal (January 1, 2009) - Yesterday I ordered a new journal for the new year. For the past six years I've used Paperblanks Journals. They're my favorite. They're sturdy, feel good in your hands and many come with a cool "magnetic wrap" that keeps... (Keep Reading New Year, New Journal)
9 Reasons This Recession Will Be Good (January 1, 2009) - 9 Reasons This Recession Will Be Good: My friend Dennis passed on this article from U.S. News and World Reports. It states: "Recessions are lousy - as Americans have learned about 10 times over the last 50 years. But they're... (Keep Reading 9 Reasons This Recession Will Be Good)
One Year in 40 Seconds (January 1, 2009) - This is about how quickly it seems 2008 went by... Hat Tip: Drew Jones... (Keep Reading One Year in 40 Seconds)
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