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Not long after I wrote my first book on relationships and then got married a rumor began to circulate that I'd gotten a divorce. Ten years later we still get emails asking if this is true. One lady told me that she walked into a bookstore in California, asked for one of my books and the salesperson immediately said, "Oh, I heard he and his wife split up." It makes me sad that this lie is still being spread, but I'm happy to report that it's not true. By the grace of God, Shannon and I are happily married and have three wonderful children. We'll celebrate our 11th anniversary this October. Please pray for us and every other married couple you know that God would help us honor God by being faithful to our vows "till death do us part."


Hi Josh,

even here in Switzerland I had a similar encounter with someone to whom I recommended your two books on friendship, marriage and the glory of God. Sadly, bad news seem to be more exciting than good news.

I hope you approve of my post on my blog (I've even taken your beautiful picture of Shannon and you). If not, please let me know.

My aim was to be part of the solution so that this rumor stops as soon as possible. And by doing that I'm pointing to God's sustaining grace in your and Shannon's life, so that other people get hope that He can do the same for them through faith in Jesus Christ.

In Christ

it's crazy that rumor has gone on for so long, but thank you for responding so graciously and patiently even after all these years

I'm happy to say that this is the first I've heard of it! God bless you and Shannon!

I'm happy to say that this is the first I'v heard of it! May God bless you and Shannon....and your family!

I had never heard this.
Praise God it's not true!

I've never heard the rumor, but thank God it's not true. And congratulations on soon-to-be 11 years!

Unfortunately, you can't stop people from believing or talking about things that are untrue and unkind. My wife & I just celebrated our 19th anniversary. Soon after we were engaged, someone felt the need to tell my mother-in-law-to-be that she "heard" I was already married (totally false). Then, after we had been married a year or so, my own pastor told me he was pleased to see my wife & I were doing well, as he didn't think we'd last that long (!). That hurt. But, we've survived...and it was the pastor that ended up getting a divorce! (And, yes, we long ago left that church and denomination.)

i had never heard this, i ran into this when i checked Dug Down Deep just now..Praise God it is not true and i deeply believe it will never come true..for reasons in my heart that i can't even begin to count..
Joshua and Shannon's love story, a love story written by God and originated in His mind, is one of the very few stories I ever really look up, all in reverence to how our mighty and awesome God, the God of the vast universe, is really really mindful of man, He even writes our love stories for us..theirs is a beautiful story of love and romance, and it all points to God's endless grace..i thought i would name my future daughter "Grace" as well, then i remembered, oh Joshua and Shannon has Emma GRACE! wow :)
their story will continue for as long as they are here, fulfilling their God-given life call, testifying how great God..its like praying, 'lead me in the paths of righteousness FOR YOUR NAME'S SAKE'..because it is all for His name's sake..if He doesn't, who will? we can never make it on our own..
we'll be praying for more beautiful years for Joshua and Shannon..for Joshua to win her heart endlessly..and for her to do the same..that when they look at each other everyday, they can't stop praising God for the beautiful story He has written for them..and for each of us, too..when we allow HIM to work in our lives, we find that His plans are really really good..

Hello Josh!

I'm so happy to read that the divorce is just an ugly rumor! As a young single woman I found your book "I Kissed Dating Good-Bye" (I read it in Romanian) very helpful. Then an American friend of mine provided me with a copy of "Boy Meets Girl" in English which I read in just 2 days... I was so happy for the two of you!!! That same year God brought the special person in my life and we got married (that was 3 years ago and our marriage kept getting stronger and happier). I've always recommended your books to different people, but then last year a friend from my Baptist church (in Bucharest, Romania) told me you got divorced! I said "no way!" and really was shocked to hear it. I felt very disappointed! At that time I didn't do any research on it, I just believed it :-(
But today I read an article that quoted one of your books and decided to find out the truth. So I just googled "Joshua Harris divorce" and in a few minutes I found out the truth! This rumor proves we have an enemy who tries to make people not read your books, because they are powerful in convincing them to live holy lives in an immoral world.
So keep writing! (maybe even about your experience with your kids...)
I will tell everyone I know that this rumor about your divorce is not true.
We should always follow Paul's exhortation in 1 Thess.5:21 "Test everything. Hold on to the good" (in my Romanian Bible it's more like "do a research on everything" - don't believe everything you hear until you've studied about it).

In Christ,

I see someone mentioned a Baptist church in Bucharest preaching the gospel of Christ. I have a friend and would like some contact info on the church.


i was looking for your new book and a pastor friend told me.why do i like your book when in fact you were divorced and so i research bwt this ugly rumor and found out it was just a rumor..

thank God its not true..

in Christ,

I just finished reading one of your book, which i borrowed from i sister in my University. As i was handing the book back, a brother who was there said, "did you know that they writer got divorced?". i was shocked. well, i told them, 'it is hard to believe', but for me 'i take the contents of the book because i completely agree with it'. Know that i have proved that it is an ugly romour. i pray and wish you an unending, ever growing passion in your marriage, and family. God bless you and your ministries.
Thanks and thanks very much.......
Ben(From S.Korea)

praise God that it isnt true..

i was also bothered by the rumor... and i thank God that its not true.. and i just hope that God will enlighten the hearts of those people who spread the rumor.

Your books are one of my favorites because it helped me a lot in my spiritual life and in controling my emotions.. THank You!
God Bless!

_ruth from Philippines_

I hadn't heard this rumor but what's even more troublesome to me is that if it were true, is the assumption that it would negate/undermine everything you'd written. As if anyone who writes about relationships (or any area of Christian living) loses all credibility if they commit the "unpardonable sin" of divorce. Oftentimes, the books that speak the most powerfully are the ones written out of failure--witness the fallen men of the Bible. That anyone should hear such a rumor, not do their homework (not just to confirm the truth of it, but to find out the circumstances), and dismiss you as a writer and a believer is equally as un-Christlike as circulating this lie.

I mostly posted this comment in case any hurting divorced believers felt a tinge of condemnation. I don't sense that coming from you--it obviously wasn't your purpose for writing this post--but in light of the tone of the comments, I think this needs to be said.

Oh my god!! I'm soooooooooooo happy to read it! My friend lent me a book of you and she told me that you anyway divorced... I was sad that there would be no true love in the world even among christian. I was gloomy and search that you're really divorced or not. and finally found this website!!! wow!! I'm so happy and bless you two. I'll let people as much as possible. Bless you!!

from south korea

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