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Dug Down Deep Short-Film Contest


If you're a filmmaker/budding video genius--or you have a friend who is--please read this and pass it on.

In January my new book Dug Down Deep will be released. It's a book about the importance of knowing Jesus Christ and building your life on a true knowledge of him. I care very much about its message and want to do all I can to spread it to people who are indifferent or unconcerned about Christian theology. I'd like to create a series of short videos that can be played online to generate interest in the book.

But I have another desire that informs what I'm announcing today: I want to encourage Christians to get involved in the arts--in particular, film. At different times and different ways I've done what I could to encourage young filmmakers to hone their gifts and use film to influence the world for Christ.

So I'm combining my need for promotional videos with my desire to make an investment in Christian filmmakers. And I'm doing this in the form of a contest.

I'm looking for 10 filmmakers to participate in a short-film contest. Each contestant will create a 2-3 minute long video featuring a reading from Dug Down Deep. The entries will be judged by both a panel of four judges, and an online vote. I'm hoping this exposure will benefit everyone who participates. But that won't be the only prize.

canon%20camera.44.jpgThe Prize: The first-place winner will receive a brand new Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR camera. (My friends Dave and Mike, filmmakers at Vinegar Hill Pictures, tell me this is a hot camera for indie film makers. It shoots in full HD. I get really excited about putting this tool into the hands of the winner so he or she can go and make even better films in the days to come. You can read more about the camera here.) And here are the details of the contest:

Contest Guidelines:

1. If you'd like to participate, please submit a sample of past video work you've done. From these submissions we'll choose ten people to participate in the contest. We're looking for as high quality work as possible. So if you'd like to participate, please email us your name, phone number and address along with a link to an online sample of a video that you've produced (something on Youtube or Vimeo for example). Email: kreynolds (at) covlife (dot) org. All requests for participation must be received by Oct. 9, 2009.

2. All contestants will receive an advance copy of Dug Down Deep. We're going to assign passages for you to create a film for, but if you have a strong preference for a different passage, you can make that request. Obviously we want to avoid duplication.

3. The submissions for the contest can be diverse. We want them to be as creative as possible--film, animation, text, stop motion...you name it. The only stipulation is that the video accompany a reading of Dug Down Deep. The deadline for submitting your film is January 7, 2010.

4. Each video will be judged by a panel of five judges: Lukas Naugle, Carolyn McCulley, David Altrogge, Don Nalle and Katherine Reynolds. One aspect of the score each film receives will be votes it receives from people online.

5. All the videos will be featured on Joshharris.com and with links to your contact information or company if you'd like that. The winning video will be announced in mid to late February.

If you know someone who might be interested in participating in the contest, please send them this information. The contest is open to Christian filmmakers of any age--whether video is your profession or just a hobby. It's open to non-U.S. residents as well. Again, if you'd like to participate, please email your name, phone number, address and a link to an online sample of your work to kreynolds (at) covlife (dot) org.

Photo by Beth Altrogge.

Comments (4)

I think it would be awesome to be able to help you all out! There are other samples of my work on my Vimeo homepage.


Thanks for your time and consideration,

Ben Cantrell

This is so cool. I will forward this on to my cousin!

Already submitted mine. I've read comments about this contest on other sites that got a lot of flack - artists who are opposed to spec work. I think it's important that they recognize this for what it is - a contest. There is no guarantee that you'll win, it's just an opportunity to serve the Lord and help a brother in Christ. Oh yeah, and there happens to be a pretty sweet prize as well. =)

Anyone know when we will be notified if we "made the cut"?
It would be nice to know so that
I can perhaps commit to other projects. God bless!

In Christ,

Jordan D. Work

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