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Here's a sample of what people are saying about and quoting from Dug Down Deep on Twitter. To everyone who tweeted, thanks for reading the book and letting others know about it. That means a lot to me.  

@Jillyalexis learning a lot from your latest "Dug Down Deep". Thanks for keeping the cross consistently at it's center.

@D_Gibson  "Only the great commandments to love God and to love our neighbor can push us outside ourselves and our narrow self interests." - Dug Down Deep

@jjphilligin reading Dug Down Deep by @HarrisJosh. So many great quotes.

@JTaylorLLC On the top floor of B&N in Union Square, reading @HarrisJosh's new book: Dug Down Deep.

@preachershane Just got Dug Down Deep for my Kindle and I am excited about reading it.

@davidstarlingm Doctrine cannot take the place of Jesus Himself, but we can't know Him without it. #dugdowndeep

@midlandjack Digging "Dug Down Deep"!: Joshua Harris' "Dug Down Deep" is a fantastic book, filled with challenge! Here are a co... http://bit.ly/940QpW

@bekahcubed "[The church] is a huge party for losers. Losers who realize that only Jesus can save them." Joshua Harris in "Dug Down Deep" p214 

@_MattGiles Okay, so u r my long lost brother.Dug Down Deep was amazing! I am recommending it from the pulipit tomorrow.

@junkerjorg Outside reading Dug Down Deep and watching Samantha slide. Is there anything better?

@jtwinner To my friends who are unsure how God intends gifts of Holy Spirit for today- read Josh Harris' newest book "DugDown Deep"- outstanding!

@JaysonByrd Just finished Dug Down Deep http://bit.ly/cM5dGf recommend the chapter on "Humble Orthodoxy"

@Ammanfordpastor My favourite book of 2010...so far: http://veryrandomthoughts.wordpress.com/2010/02/23/book-review-dug-down-deep/#more-1027

@thegospelforoc We should strive to hold our beliefs with a charity and kindness that won't embarrass us in heaven. -Josh Harris (@joshharris) #DugDownDeep

@BentBombs "If you pretend, blame, and excuse all sin away, sanctification gets replaced by therapy." #dugdowndeep

To learn more about Dug Down Deep, visit the book blog or read this summary

1 Comment

Wow that is toofunny I totally remember seeing that tweet and some videos on the gospel for Orange County blog. I was convinced I should order my own copy, can't wait to read it!

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