Pro-Life Feminism

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Writing for the Washington Post's "On Faith" column, Colleen Carroll Campbell writes that "pro-life feminism" is the future of the pro-life movement. "For many American women, the feminism that once attracted them with its lofty goal of promoting respect for women's dignity has morphed into something antithetical to that dignity: a movement that equates a woman's liberation with her license to kill her unborn child....Many women are not buying it...They believe that the best way for a woman to defend her own dignity is to defend the dignity of each and every human person, including the one that grows within her womb." Read more.

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The article was very interesting...however the comments to follow were belligerent. I look at the Pro-life issue as more of an "anti-God" issue and I believe that's really how we should be looking at things. The problem doesn't stop at abortion...that's for sure. You have Bill Gates & his wife funding depopulation along with many other foundations (like the UN) and then forced sterilization (in some countries). Abortion is but a taste of a larger issue here.

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