Jesus Calls Peter

Jesus Calls Peter Cartoon.JPG
by Joshua Harris © 2010


Sheer brilliance. :)


Excellent! Come to Brazil, please... God bless you.

That's hilarious.

That's pretty good. I'll be re-tweeting that one! :)

Incredible! :D

That's very good!

Thanks for the laugh - you made my day even better!

So why just re-tweet what He says instead of really radically and at great cost walking as He walked then? Let's wake up from the cartoon world, Josh. Life is so much more.

that's really funny)

Good Stuff! Gave me a nice laugh


"So why just re-tweet what He says instead of really radically and at great cost walking as He walked then? Let's wake up from the cartoon world, Josh. Life is so much more.", he said, as he furiously typed on his computer. At home.

Ah, the irony is deafening.

You haven't lost your touch. :) Very "to the point"!

Worth sharing! Bravo!


Please delete this blasphemous post, and repent.

In Christ,

Wow! I can't believe the two negative posts. Coram Deo : there is nothing blasphemous about this so what would he repent of? And apparently big Mr Anonymous failed to note that Josh is a Pastor and Christian writer, so he's probably doing a lot more for Jesus than you are.

I believe, too that humor has its place, but have we sunk so far that when someone actually rebukes us for making light of Scripture and Jesus' call on our lives that we resort to heathen responses? I've read your blog for a long time now, Josh and I don't feel like it encourages growth in spiritual areas nor do I believe that it presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ as being anything more than an add-on or hobby in life. I read because I want to get the feel for "Christianity" in the United States so that I can pray effectively. But of late, I don't believe that even prayer can save this country and their lax attitude toward Jesus Christ. We've drank milk for so long that when someone comes along and offers meat we shout horrible things at them to make them be quiet. Shame on the United States. Now, I see why we will have to go through the persecution that is coming. Can you really support someone on your blog who acts like an idiot and signs the name "God" to it. Shame on you, Josh and shame on this country who doesn't really understand the Gospel if they can use cartoons to analyze the great message of Jesus Christ.

Josh, I think this is a great cartoon and represents an excellent point well made. Rafael, I dont think Josh is making light of the scriptures, I think this would be an example of a modern day parable, pointing out the need for Christians to live for Christ outside of an electronic bubble. It's a little disconcerting to read of your lack of faith in prayer - doubting the effects of prayer could be seen as doubting the strength and majesty of God, through whom all things are possible. Josh also does not support the person who posted as 'god'. Its an open forum and anyone can post, be they Christian or not - that does not mean that every opinion expressed is personally supported by Josh. You mention that you want use this site as you want to get a feel for Christianity in the US - may I suggest that reading a multitude of sites may give you a broader idea as reading one site will only give an insight to the author, not the entire country. But such is the complexity of the situation that it would probably be impossible for the most rigorous observer to understand all the nuances of the current state of Christianity in a country the size of the United States.

Rafael- don't lose hope! God hears your prayers! He hears your cries, and he sees that you are losing hope, but remember brother, HE is our hope! I pray that God will so radically invade your heart, and fill you with himself, that there is no room for unhope! We certainly can't fix us, but Big Dad can! Bless you!

Hello, everybody. I just wanted to share that I didn't have email for several days because of a power outage in our region so I hadn't seen one of the inappropriate posts that was left here claiming to be from God. I do my best to screen comments but I don't always catch everything. Sorry about that.

And just a reminder, let's be civil even if we disagree. I have to admit I'm surprised this cartoon generated any heat. I certainly didn't present it to demean the high calling of following Christ. I was simply pointing out the humor of how we use language today in a Twitter world and commenting on the much deeper meaning of following Christ as a disciple versus following someone on Twitter.

Now I've broken the first rule of a joke/cartoon and explained it! Oh, well. God bless you all.


a mi me parecio muy alegre y original esta caricatura,pero a la misma vez es una llamada de atencion a todos nosotros....=)

Absolute genius, mate: love it; and as someone facing redundancy from my workplace, I'm having to ask serious questions about what following Jesus means. You've brightened my day enormously: thank you.

Funny! I find it Just amazing what will get people ticked-off these days! Boo!

this is HILARIOUS! loved it! and loved your godly response to the negative comments even more :)

Great cartoon, Josh. This cartoon made me want to follow Christ & not take an easy approach to my relationship with him. So thank you for this and everything you do. You are a blessing.

Haha. Ok, I will follow you. = P

Sharing this funny pic!

corny, but haha!

This is great! Can I repost this on my church blog, with full credits of course?

Hi Josh

I am intending to add your cartoon of Jesus & Peter in my latest Utube video "never cease to amaze me" if that's Ok.


Alan Darby UK

I don't think this cartoon is blasphemous. It's both funny and meaningful. :) Will it be okay if I share it on facebook? :)

This is great. I'd love to use this in our church publication. Could you contact me about granting the rights to use it?

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