The Disciples Talking in Heaven


Thomas Cartoon.jpg

By Joshua Harris © Copyright 2010


ROTFLOL Oh, poor Mark!

Poor Thomas, I mean poor doubting Thomas.

Very funny Josh, great stuff!

You r sooooo right!

Did a character study on Thomas a couple months ago. He gets a seriously raw deal with the whole doubting thing. One verse in the Bible and he's branded for life.

what do john the baptist and winnie the pooh have in common?....
they both have the same middle name. ;)

Nice cartoon! How true it is when we make a mistake, we have to live with the consequences! We are still feeling the discipline from God overe our first parents sin!
Good job Josh, praise the Lord
Chris paisley

Keep it up! These are very funny.

So funny that I made my co-worker come read it...

The fact that you are able to come up with this stuff is evidence that Jesus has a sense of humor :)

You have done it once again. God Bless you Josh.

LOL!!! This is hilarious! I linked it on my blog; it's so funny. I feel so bad for Thomas; I've done some awful things and yet God has been good to me and not branded me for life. I'm not called "Thorns without a Rose" or anything.

Uhm ... maybe someone can enlighten those of us with limited imaginations?

Great comic. Please keep up the great work you're doing (in everything)!

Thomas is commonly referred to as 'Doubting Thomas' because one instance in his life where Jesus, after being resurrected, appeared to Thomas but he wouldn't believe until Jesus let him see/touch his wounds. He's been 'eternally' labeled 'doubting Thomas' for this reason.

Yet Peter denied Christ three times the day Christ was crucified and Mark fled naked away from a woman attempting to seduce him...

Ha! This is hilarious. Thanks!

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