"You Need a Mother Very Badly" by Brett Harris

You need a mother very badly!

               she always used to say

And I agreed when loads of laundry needed washing

       or when my stomach stole my lunch and

               held it ransom for a midday snack, and I

       always told her she was right

                            because it made her

       Smile, knowing she was loved.


Then I left for college and suddenly what I needed was

        George Washington's face times five

                Once for washing,
                         again for drying
    And my face on a keycard

           fed me three times a day

    Sometimes more if I

           could stash a snack in Styrofoam for later.


But I still called her on the phone and she

             still told me I'd be lost without her, and I

     always told her she was right

                         because it made her

       Laugh, knowing she was loved.

Summer came and went, and she

      never said, You need a mother very badly,

and we never told her we'd be lost without her

                     because it made her

       Cry, knowing she was fading.


But life goes on, and we're still living

      lungs keep breathing, hearts keep beating

            heavier perhaps, but steady as the world turns, and I
don't always think about the reasons why

      she needed to be needed so

                     because it always makes me


       knowing I was loved.

by Brett Edward Harris


Thanks for sharing this. I was much older than you when I lost my mother a few years ago, but I still felt like a needed a mother. And I believe she still felt needed, just in a different way.

When my mom passed away, I remember thinking, "No one else loves me like my mom." Even though I am blessed with a very loving husband and three sons, and I rejoice in their love, I still miss my mom's. Thanks for making me cry! :-) I do rejoice in the hope of seeing my mom again, as I know you do as well.

Strong work.
You make her proud.

My mother passed a month ago. These words encapsulate many of my emotions. Thank you for sharing, there are others grappling with what to feel in such a difficult time.

"Hearts keep beating -- heavier perhaps"

Such a beautiful tribute to your mother. I was able to see you 4 Harris boys at the Do Hard Things tour in Nashville, TN. That you've continued the tour this summer has been amazing to me given your loss. What a mother you must have had! What an awesome Savior we have. And, Oh!, what a day that will be!

That was beautiful. I lost my grandpa a year ago and this really touched my heart. Praying for you and your family as you grieve.

That was beautiful, Brett. I love you all and am praying for you every day!

Sarah =D

I'm one of the anonymous thousands who was affected by your Mother's life, and it was shocking and so sad to read about her illness and death. Thank you for sharing your poem with us; she is missed - never forgotten.

Wow...that's beautiful! That almost made me cry. I know she was awfully proud of her children. Continuing to keep you all in my prayers since her passing.

this brings me tears. I pray I can be half the mother to my children that yours was and continues to be to you all...

Thank you for rising and calling her blessed even still...
sent with a prayer for the comfort of your family.

Thank for your sharing, this was a beautiful poem! I lost my grandmother a few years ago to cancer, she was a mother to me. And several relatives and family friends since then. They all know the Lord...I even was blessed to lead my grandfather to Christ before he passed. I'm so glad that through Jesus Christ we will be reunited with our loved ones again! I am only 27 but having had so many close to me go on to heaven I am very aware of how short our time is on this Earth. Truly this is not our home. Truly our citizenship is in heaven. I am so glad that we have that assurance in Christ Jesus.

My mom abandoned me when I was nine. There was no greater heartache then moving past the loss of my mom in my life. I have found healing only by the grace of God in my life.

very beautiful poem....im sure all of u pastor miss ur mom so much...

Brett, that was beautiful. It is so beautiful to see how much you loved your mother.
Praying for you all! Love and hugs! ♥

That is such a beautiful poem to your mother. I know you must miss her a lot! Blessings!

What an incredibly sweet picture and a beautiful tribute

I aspire to be a mom like her someday! I loved your dad's testimony (from Dug Down Deep) and how your mom fell inlove with him because of this deep love for God.

Sweet and blessed.

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