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UPDATE: We did this series a few years ago, but since then the links got messed up. So we reposted them and here it is again with everything working right. Enjoy.

Several months ago my friend Justin Buzzard sent me a copy of some preaching notes by Tim Keller. When I shared it with my friend Justin Taylor, he suggested I do a series of posts here on the blog where I shared not only Tim's notes but also the notes of other preachers. I thought this was a good idea. I'm often asked by other pastors what my notes look like, and I'm always curious to see how other men work.

So over the next few weeks we're going to do a series of posts that feature a brief introduction to a preacher and then a link to a PDF of the notes from one of his sermons. The PDF document will show exactly what that pastor carried into the pulpit when he preached his message. I think you'll enjoy the diversity of styles. Some men do full manuscripts; others write out much less. Most type, one writes his sermons by hand. The goal is to show pastors the different ways that preachers work and hopefully encourage them in the preaching task.

The men we've obtained manuscripts from so far include:

- Mark Dever
- Mike Bullmore
- C.J. Mahaney
- Ray Ortlund, Jr.
- Tim Keller
- Mark Driscoll
- Joshua Harris (me)

If you are, or work with any well-known preachers, and can convince them to participate in the series by sharing an actual manuscript, please let me know. I'd love to expand this list.

So if you're a preacher, an aspiring preacher or you're someone who enjoys good preaching, I hope you'll enjoy this series.

Recommended Resource: If you're looking for a good book on preaching, my favorite is John Stott's classic Between Two Worlds: The Challenge of Preaching Today


This sounds so exciting!!
I am big on taking notes, so to have notes of such amazing Spirit-Filled people sounds like a great way to study the Bible in my alone time without having to make my own notes on it.

I'm well known in my church, but that's probably not enough to make the cut. Very interesting, thanks for posting!

I also recommend John Stott's book on preaching. Martyn Lloyd Jones' 'Preachers and Preaching' and C.H. Spurgeon's 'lectures to my students'are also worth begging, stealing, borrowing or even buying!Spurgeon even has a book which consists of his preaching notes which can be helpful for some.

Hey Josh, I appreciate you reposting this series. It was extremely helpful as I was preparing my first sermon and trying to figure out what to carry in the pulpit with me. I've sent several people to this series when they have said they were trying to prepare for their first sermon. I appreciate you cleaning up the links Thank you brother for your ministry and this series. In Christ

nice work. Every week I make a serious effort to conduct "continuing eductation" and you just raised the bar. Your work is appreciated. Thank you

I highly recommend trying to get a copy of Steve Lawson's notes. They are unlike anything else I have seen!

Hey, see if you can get a copy of J.I. Packer's notes. They are "speed notes" and they will blow you away. He developed them in high school and preaches from them.

It'd be pretty sweet to snag some of RC Sproul's notes

Hey Josh,

Love the series. As a young preacher, something I think would be helpful, is what these pastors notes looked like when they first started preaching. Some times I look at them and I know that over time they've developed their style, but in starting to develop a style, it would be awesome to hear some comments about how they prepared their sermons / notes when they started out, and what made them change?

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