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Nehemiah.jpgThe following ten sermons were part of our church's study of the book of Nehemiah. In A Passion for Faithfulness, J.I. Packer writes, "The book of Nehemiah should be read as testimony to the renewing and sanctifying of the church....It appears then that the way of wisdom in exploring the book of Nehemiah is to to be equally interested both in how Nehemiah led the people and in how God led Nehemiah, and to keep the well-being of the church as the main focus of interest as we pursue these two inquiries." We sought to keep this focus in our study and titled the series "When God Revives His People." I hope these messages will be an encouragement to you.

Neh. 1 | "A Broken Heart Over Broken Walls" - Joshua Harris - Audio & Outline
Neh. 2:1-16 | "Prayer and Action" - Joshua Harris - Audio & Outline 
Neh. 2:17-3:32 | "Let Us Rise Up and Build" - Joshua Harris Audio & Outline
Neh. 46:1-18 | "Opposition " - Joshua Harris -  Audio & Outline
Neh. 5  | "Building Unity Through Generosity"  Ben Wikner - Audio & Outline
Neh. 8 | "People of the Book" - Joshua Harris - Audio & Outline
Neh. 9 | "The People Confess Their Sin - Joshua Harris - Audio & Outline
Neh. 9:38-10:39 | "Revival and Recommitment" - Robin Boisvert - Audio
Neh. 12 | "Dedication and Celebration" - Robin Boisvert - Audio
Neh. 13 | "Re-Renewal" - Joshua Harris - Audio


When i was doing a summer camp last year the guy leading the talks smoke on Nehemiah and the kids loved it! Will have to check these out at some stage.

Hey Josh,
can you recommend some commentaries and other resources for preparing sermons on Nehemiah?
Thanks for your time,
P.S. Say hello to Garry Ricucci for me. He took me out to lunch when I was out at your church from Australia

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