Perverse Sign of Recovery


This is so sad. The Financial Times reports that the economic recovery is producing pent-up demand for divorce. "In a perverse sign of the economic recovery, the US divorce rate, which dipped in the recession, has bounced back, lawyers and matrimonial experts say. ... During the recession, couples who were out of work or unable to sell their house stayed married to save money. ... Now, ... lawyers are inundated with new clients." (Via Politico's Mike Allen)


Very sad, but hardly a sign of recovery. Those that want us to believe the 'recession' is over are really clutching at straws with this one.

That is really sad. The recovery is certainly only economic, for the soul is still wretched and sinful. Oh, may revival flood our nation!

If you don't think that marriage is partly an economic partnership (especially in traditional marriage), you are deluding yourself.

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