Preaching Notes: Steve Lawson



For our second round of preaching notes, first up is Dr. Steven J. Lawson. Steve is the Senior Pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama.

Here are Steve's (mostly) handwritten preaching notes from his sermon, "Only One Way" from Galatians 1:6-10.

You can also listen to the sermon here.


What an interesting way to write out a sermon. I like how he pastes in the Scripture and other material he wants to make sure he quotes directly.

Wowzers!! I couldn't read any of that! I am, I must say, shocked that he still writes it out in pen, what with all the technology today. Kinda old-school Puritan...which is what I like in guys like Lawson.

Thanks for this series, it's neat to see the unique approach to preaching that each man has.


Oh my goodness. I'd have a meltdown if I climbed the platform, looked down at the pulpit and saw this. Steve Lawson, you are a better man than I. Now back to typing out my manuscript.

I'm glad he can follow his notes in a smooth fashion because I had some struggle reading it as I listened to him preach. These notes are very insightful and helpful regarding his preaching too.

I like to write my notes out as a rough draft and will normally use a printed copy to preach/teach from. I have discovered that for me, it's easier to remember the content if I've written it by hand first and then type it later.

Thanks for sharing his notes Pastor Josh.

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