Preaching Notes: Matt Chandler



The final preacher I get to feature in this series is Matt Chandler. Matt is the lead pastor of The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas.

About his preaching notes, Matt said:

I tend to study and read a ton in and around the text and try to memorize what I can of the text, then write out a brief outline that I take into the pulpit with me. I will start to write on the outline certain thoughts I'm having or illustrations I want to use as I pray before our services begin. I rarely look at the outline while I preach. Typing it up somehow sears it into my mind.

Here is a pdf of Matt's sermon, Habakkuk 01: An Honest Conversation

You can also listen to it here.


So crazy - can't believe (looking at Chandler's notes) that he gets the message out he does from that! Such a gifted man. so grateful to God for his ministry.
Thanks for this Josh.

Broken audio link. :(

Loved the notes though! The second page really hits home. Wish there was more!

Excellent stuff. It is so refreshing to listen to a guys who is not overcome by his own knowledge but just preaches Jesus. Thanks for this link.

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