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In time for Christmas shopping (for the slowpokes among us), I wanted to highlight this new book by my friend Kevin Hartnett called The Heavens: Intimate Moments with Your Majestic God.

Kevin works as NASA's Science Operations Manager for the Hubble Space Telescope. He is also a poet. And in his book, we behold the grandeur of God in His creation, and also in His word.

You can buy it here.


Thank you for this post, brother.

But I admit that seeing the word "intimate" in refernce to God is a bit unsettling. It seems like that is getting too comfy in how we describe God. I mean, God is a holy and just Being.

Men who encountered angels were transformed.
What would an "intimate" encounter with God do to us?

I don't know if the author chose the best word for the title. But the book looks great!

Hi Linda. I hope this explanation helps. The word “intimate” has various definitions and connotations. Interestingly, the word itself can be used as a noun, adjective, or verb. Its intended meaning in the book’s title is reflected in various aspects of all four definitions of the word (used as an adjective) in the Merriam-Webster dictionary: belonging to one’s deepest nature; marked by very close association; marked by a warm, developed friendship; very personal and private in nature.

Children should love, trust, and revere their earthly fathers, and we are invited to be “dear children” in a loving relationship with our heavenly Father (Eph. 5: 1,2; I John 3:1). Yes, God is the ultimate authority, fearfully powerful, unsearchable, and uncompromisingly holy―and we should fear, respect, and worship Him as such―yet in Christ, God calls us friends (John 15:15) and welcomes us to know Him (in the revelation of Jesus) both individually as the Good Shepherd, and collectively as our Bridegroom. Jesus said when we pray, we should seek the Father in a secret place and commune with Him there as One Who knows our every need before we even ask Him (Matthew 6). To me, all these things speak of intimacy.

Every tenth devotion in the book is purposefully written about an attribute of God, e.g. His transcendence, holiness, unchangeableness, omnipotence, omniscience, love, infiniteness, etc. These are meant to remind us of what He is really like, so that we might deeply and reverentially worship Him. Many of the devotions are also purposefully about Jesus: Christ, the Morning Star; Christ, the Center; Christ, our Bridegroom; Christ the Substance. These too inform the mind about our wonderful Lord, but are written in such a way that’s meant to draw our hearts and souls to Him in deep, loving trust.

Perhaps the poem I wrote to go along with the devotion “God Unsearchable” can give you a sense of the respectful nearness, i.e. “intimacy” that the book seeks to foster:

In nothing is the mind more fully satisfied,
Nor does the eye or heart find rest,
More than in contemplating Thee.
And yet it is as if we skim the sheerest sprays
That blow across the broad expanse
Of some immense, uncharted sea.
Oh, drop the weight to fathom yet again His love!
And practice there with untold bliss
The soundings of eternity.

Thank you for your comment. Many blessings to you. Kevin H.

This is a wonderful gift that will be appreciated by Christian brothers and sisters. This book is also a fabulous gift for someone who is seeking to understand God. Kevin's presentation of science, and God's love is excellent.
Merry Christmas

I would hope that if someone encountered an angel and was transformed, that certainly an encounter with God would bring about greater transformation : )

God himself asks us to call him Father, a personal, familiar term.

I would also hope that more of God's children would feel free enough to have "intimate" shared special moments with their Father.

Lastly, I hope that this Christmas season brings you closer to your savior : )

Thank you, Kevin!

Great response - and one that resolved my confusion. Thanks again.

Great book. Got as a surprise because friends new we were teaching "Astronomical Observing from a Biblical View" overseas and setting up an observing area for a foundation of schools in the same country. Is this how to reach Kevin? The comcast address on his signed cards comes back undeliverable. Roland Beard www.christworksministries.org

Forgot something on the previous message: anyone know if this book can be gotten in bulk with bulk rates? Would be really handy for schools overseas. Second, we do an online blog with similar subject matter that is called "Parables of the Sky" at rolandlinda3.wordpress.com. Would love to find more people doing this sort of thing because its encouraging but I can also provide links for those we train overseas. Roland

Roland, I post many of my poems at the website: http://www.khartnettpoetry.typepad.com/

You can find a working email link for me there. Blessings. ...KH.

Love this little book. I bought one for myself and then got one for each of my grown children.

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