Authority is Like Soap



"Authority is like soap, the more you use it the less you will have of it." - Mark Dever


But following authority is like soap suds, the more you do it the more you have of it :)

Yes, it is good to have lots of suds. You can't get clean with out suds and you can't lead effectively without utilizing one's authority.

I don't agree!!!!! The more battles we go through as believers that we win in victory in Christ by obedience and surrender to the Holy Spirit- the more we Gain authority,and when we use our authority against the devil and in the place of prayer to enforce God's kingdom through Jesus Christ throughout the world-we only GAIN not lose.I think your theology stinks.If you believe this truly -then you probably have a wrong concept of God ,not understanding HOW Jesus blood shed for you on the cross GIVES you authority when you believe and repent and surrender to HIM and let Him fill you with His Holy Spirit.This is not just my experience it is a biblical absolute.Sure there are weirdo authorities that are unbiblical-but that is not at all TRUE GODLY AUTHORITY.Godly authority gives freedom and life abundantly.It reflects God-LOVE!!!It is beautiful,artistic and is good.

really nice!

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