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David Helm, pastor of Holy Trinity Church in Chicago, will be here at Covenant Life on Saturday, March 3, to bring some important teaching and training based on his book, One to One Bible Reading: A Simple Guide for Every Christian. Can you think of people in your life that you would like to see progress spiritually--perhaps a non-Christian colleague, a friend at church, or a family member? One-to-One Bible Reading is a way to help them understand more of God's Word in a way that is simple and personal.

The seminar will look at who this kind of relational Bible reading ministry is for and how it works. You'll also be trained to begin putting it to use. It's not just about reading the Bible. It's about using your new Bible-centered relationships as the springboard for evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development.

I'm encouraging my entire church to come to this. Registration is free. If you're in the DC area, please come join us!

March 3, 8:30am-12pm
Covenant Life Church Auditorium
Register Here

UPDATE: For those who can't make it: yes, the audio of the seminar will be available online.


hi Josh! i'm stefen from indonesia..i blessed when i read your book boy meets girl aspecially in chapter 3 (Rich and Christy story).. i think all the youth should know about this.. so we decide in our church to make a short film based from Rich and Christy story for valentine day event..we hope you can allowed us..and we will very happy if we can contact the real Rich and Christy!!
Thank you Josh!God bless you

Any chance this will be recorded and available on Covenant Life's site? Thanks!

I'd like to echo John's question. Hoping this seminar will be made available on the website. Any chance of a live feed?

John and Steve,
Thanks for asking. There won't be a live feed, but yes the seminar will be available online afterward.

Katherine Martin

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