The Gospel Summit

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In early May I'm heading down to North Carolina with a few guys from my pastoral team to attend The Gospel Summit, "A two-day, unique conference environment for pastors and ministry leaders aimed to give a personal, inside, behind the scenes look at The Summit Church and gospel centrality."

I'm looking forward to learning from J.D. Greear's church and what gospel centrality looks like there.

You can learn more here.

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I'd love to host your team to a meal when you guys (that's y'all in Raleigh!) come to The Gospel Summit. (my son, 20. drives from UNC-CH with his fraternity buddies to go to Summit) I quote from your Dad on a regularly basis & am so thankful for how God used him to help shape our family. Our 21 Rules are still on the fridge, even though we are now down to 2, our youngest 14, born totally blind. All his grace, Mikels Family

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