David by Walter Chantry

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david-man-prayer-war-walter-chantry-hardcover-cover-art.jpegThe last book my mother gave me before she passed away was David: Man of Prayer, Man of War by Walter Chantry. It had been a great encouragement to her during a difficult season and she wanted me to read it. I left in on my shelf too long. When I finally made time to read it I understood why my mother's copy was marked up and filled with post-it notes. Chantry does an outstanding job sharing the highs and lows of David's life and drawing from them spiritual guidance and wisdom for Christians. Even if you consider yourself well acquainted with the story of David's life I think you'll benefit from it.

Here's a quote from the introduction to whet your appetite:

"The one constant with David in every condition was expressed in Psalm 16:8: "I have set the LORD always before me."

In all the rapid alterations of his life David thought of the Most High God and expressed his devout feelings toward his Maker and Redeemer. When he wept in shame for his loathsome sins, his tears were poured out before the Lord. WHen he felt the exhilaration of triumph, he shouted to the Lord who was his strength.

Perhaps this most of all explains the vast variety of David's life experiences. The Lord made him into the Psalmists for all the saints in all subsequent ages. In his youth he knew a peaceful, tranquil walk with God; in later years he both walked upon the heights and fell into the depths, and thus was enabled to compose prayerful songs for every condition of life.

No matter how high David rose above other men, his spirit was childlike toward the Lord. Therefore he did not make pretentious efforts of self-defense with others. His sorrow in confession was immediately and deeply expressed without any consideration for who might be watching. He who was equally at home holding the shepherd's staff, the warrior's sword, the poet's harp, and the ruler's sceptre, was completely transparent in the humbling of himself before the God of all the earth. This ease and simplicity in worship draws out our deepest emotions as we read the life of David, King of Israel. We love this man for showing us how to pray from every point of life's compass. We love him for showing us how, in the midst of spiritual failure, we too can drawn near to the Lord again in trust and devotion.

Perfectionists will not be comfortable with David. Those who stumble often, but who always turn with melted hearts to God for pardon and help, will find in him a brother for all situations. Such people will love the sacred history of his life and find it totally engrossing."

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I have re-studied David's life just recently and one of the things that really struck is his being an ordinary guy who does things the normal way but it's in these normal things that God is able to show off His power and might.

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