Josh Garrels: Love & War & the Sea In Between


I have been playing the album Love & War & the Sea In Between to death the last few days. It's fantastic. I'm so grateful for Josh Garrels' generosity in giving his music away. Now I need to find a way to send the guy a check to support his ministry/artistry. The song "Farther Along" was a God-given lifeline to me yesterday: "Farther along we'll know all about it/Farther along we'll understand why /Cheer up my brothers, live in the sunshine/We'll understand this, all by and by." Amen! Listen and enjoy.


You are able to send him a donation through his noisetrade page( Noisetrade does take a small cut of contributions made through their site though, I think it is 10%

I love albums like these that only get better with each listen!

I downloaded his album months ago, and like you, have been listening to it repeatedly. Thanks for posting about it!

I believe Joanna is right, noisetrade is 10%.

Awesome music, thanks for posting this!

It truly is such a great album. I actually have his song Ulysses as the ringer for when my husband calls me.

I too love the Josh Garrels album. He was the guest of a music radio/podcast show that had some great interview questions from him. You can find it at

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