Lord of the Rings LEGO Toys



My brother Alex told me about the upcoming Lord of the Rings LEGO toys. My immediate thought was, "I must have them, my Precious!" Is that healthy? I will use the excuse that I am getting them for my 10-year-old son but my wife will know the truth.


You are not the only adult who will be getting the Precious-er, um, the Lego set for themselves.

Yeah I will most definently be buying these..... just for umm... collecting purposes of course ;)

Be warned. Parents who play with with this set more than their children will grow hairy Hobbit feet and lose about 10 inches in height. Which could be a problem for a certain parent I won't name at the moment. :-)

I wish this childhood dream came true early in my childhood!

Kids are so lucky, it was 3 different color of LEGO blocks when I was growing up! :)

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