Never Give Up

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For the last three Sundays in April at Covenant Life, our series title is "Never Give Up," drawn from Luke 18:1, where we find Jesus teaching his disciples that they "should always pray and never give up." We're looking at the stories of Paul, Elijah and David, men who held onto faith, even when they had every reason to lose heart.

The goal of this short series is to build God-confidence, not self-confidence--to remind ourselves how wonderful, how free, and how BIG our salvation is. This is a time to re-direct our focus, remember how we've been saved, and see that what Jesus has done is far greater than our biggest problems.


April 15 | "Paul: Remember the Biggest Truth" | 2 Timothy 1:8-18
Something is big in your life right now. Something is filling up your thoughts and dominating your perspective. Paul would remind you how wonderful, how free, and how universe shaking your salvation is.


April 22 | "Elijah: God's Plan is Better" | 1 Kings 19
God is still working, even when it's not how we planned, and his purpose is better than ours.


April 29 | "David: Praising God in a Cave" | 1 Samuel 21:10-22:4
How did David engage with God when his life was turned upside down? He came with great confidence, seeking mercy from God and offering defiant praise to God's glory.


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