Joshua Quinn Won! [Update]



Okay, big favor to 10-year-old son, Joshua Quinn, is a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and of safety Troy Polamalu in particular (that's him dressed as Troy last October). Right now he's trying to win a football signed by Troy. To win he needs to have friends "like" my comment found at this link. If he gets the most likes in the next two days, he wins the ball. But right now he's about 10 "likes" behind the front-runner.

Please help JQ! Just click on this link and "like" my comment (highlighted in blue). If he wins you can visit the ball anytime! My boy thanks you in advance.

Help Joshua Quinn!

UPDATE: Thanks to you, we won the contest 505 votes to 468! We're very grateful! Thanks for taking the time to help him out. I wish you could have seen his face this morning when he woke up and found out he got enough votes.


I signed up and voted. It's looking good for your boy!

Voted for JQ and am looking forward to my "visit"! haha

I 'liked' your comment... at 293 and counting :)

Thanks for your help, gentlemen!

Joshua Quinn is very, very grateful.

I like!

so excited for him!!! :)

I love JQ!! Can I have something signed by him? hahaha!! Seriously, he's so adorable. So glad he won!! Blessings to you all!

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