Such Were Some of You


This is a message I gave recently on the topic of marriage, homosexuality, and current the drive to redefine marriage.


Thank you for sharing this. A very relevant sermon for everybody!

You just helped a brother who was looking back to his former life like Lot's wife did. Please keep up with the good work.......God bless you.


Any thoughts on the new homosexual pentacostal movement? I only heard of it recently?

Excellent message.
A new thing coming out now is Polyamory which is pretty intense and scary (even Showtime is coming out with a show about it, to make it acceptable).

"We need both courage as well as compassion" - I love that.

Pastor Josh, I’m from the Philippines, and I’m really blessed by the books you wrote. Currently,I’m in college, taking up BS Psychology. I am tasked to do a documentary on love. And I’m praying, may be if I could do an interview with you, may be in skype, or may be you may send a video response. The question we posed is “What could make a relationship last a lifetime?” Your books say it all, but since a video is required, may be, if it is possible. But it is alright if it’s not. Thank you and God bless again.May God use you more for His glory!

I love the word "WERE" in this verse. It means that Paul is writing to saints who use to be homosexuals but aren't anymore. Love It! I've written a book addressing this and many other relevant issues. It explains how people who are for gay marriage were able to exploit skin color by claiming the struggle of homosexuals is the same struggle African Americans had in the past. In making this claim they throw morality and common sense out the window. The title is One Test One Identity and my pin name is L. K. Williams. Also, because of the movie Lincoln the issue of Christianity and Slavery has resurfaced. (although in America it was never totally buried) My book addresses the Bible and Slavery in chapter one. However, I don’t remain stuck in the past and I show connections to today's culture. The book also exposes the origins of the Black Liberation Theology cult. As a black female author who opposes Obama, I found it necessary to show that Black Liberation Theology is not only a religion but it is also a cult. Please go to the website
L. K. Williams

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