The Secular Beatitudes


Today I preached a message on the beatitudes called "The Good Life." As I studied Jesus' words I was reminded of how backwards the values of the kingdom of heaven are compared to the kingdom of this earth. They completely contradict the way todays world works. So I wondered, "What would a secular version of the beatitudes look like?" Based on the way our culture defines success, here's how I think a worldly version of the beatitudes might read:

  1. Blessed are the self-confident because they rule the world.
  2. Blessed are positive-thinkers because they don't need anybody's comfort.
  3. Blessed are the cocky and assertive because they get what they want.
  4. Blessed are those who hunger for fame because they get reality TV shows.
  5. Blessed are the vengeful because they get respect.
  6. Blessed are the impure, pleasure-seekers because they see a good time.
  7. Blessed are those who beat their opponents because the victors write the history books.
  8. Blessed are the popular because everybody loves them.

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It's amazing how engrained in our hearts these secular "beatitudes" are! Thank goodness for the beauty of the gospel and the Lord who died to deliver it.

Unfortunate, but true. Wow, I never thought of it this way.


You know, I would say that there is another set of secular beatitudes that more closely follows those from the Sermon on the Mount. It's the post-modern set of beatitudes that parades as selfless and others-oriented but simply cannot be without the person of Jesus Christ. My generation is just so obsessed with finding ANY other reason to do good than the One who did the most good for those who could do NO good so that we can do anything good at all.

I just read a post by Ray Ortlund today and he made his own list of "reversed Beattitudes":

Both lists are helpful in bringing out our fleshly tendencies. Thanks for posting!

God used this sermon to change my life. Thanks so much Pastor Josh!

This list seems like a disingenuous caricacture. Most 'secular' people that I know do not subscribe to any of these 'beatitudes'. Is mainstream American television your only source of interaction with non-Christians?

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