Arrogant, Self-Absorbed & Mind-Numbingly Boring


Want to grow in humility? Write a book and then read the reviews people post on Amazon. Woo hoo! Nothing cuts you down to size faster! This review by a reader named Alisa was particularly effective in that regard. She writes, "I found this book to be rather disappointing. I've always thought Harris came across a little bit arrogant and self-absorbed in his previous books and his video lectures. But I thought that since he's older and wiser, and this book was *gasp* not about dating (as opposed to the majority of his books), I'd give it a try."

Alas, she wasn't impressed. She continues: "...the parts about theology and why it matters felt like religion class all over again. So mind-numbingly boring, and really, the stuff I grew up hearing in church and the Christian schools I attended. Not that it isn't important stuff. It is. But he doesn't have any new insights. In fact, he spends a large amount of time quoting from theologians who sound far more interesting and knowledgeable than himself. In fact, the one good thing I can say about the book is that I came away from it with a whole new list of books that actually sound in-depth and in-tune with God."

I was encouraged that she wanted to read the books I quoted after she read Dug Down Deep. That was actually one of my goals in writing it. But being mind-numbingly boring wasn't one of my goals! Oh, well. Thank God I'm justified by grace and not by Amazon reviews.


I had read some other reviews and also found them scathing.

Amen to the fact that we're not justified by Amazon Reviews!

I'm looking forward to reading my copy of the book.

Awesome reflection on Humility. There's a good book on the virtue by CJ Mahaney. I don't know if you've heard of him, but I would also recommend it to anyone who reads this.

(jokes obviously... about the knowing, not about the recommending)

Anyway, just weighing in to say I am still just as excited to read Dug Down Deep as soon as Amazon gets it in my hands. As I've profited in various degrees from IKDG, BMG and SDTC, I'm sure DDD will bear positive fruit with me just the same.

Transcontinental cheers,


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