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1 Comment is selling Dug Down Deep new for $13.59. You can get it for the Kindle for $9.99. An unabridged audio version is selling for $16.50 but is also available from resellers for as low as $5.80. (I'm not sure how they're selling it for that price, but a deal is a deal.) And even though the book has only been out a month, you can buy it used from Amazon resellers for $12.05. Visit the Amazon page.

1 Comment

I think Kindle is the way to go; that's how I read Dug Down Deep and many other books lately. I actually don't have a Kindle reader (they're super expensive), but you can download the Kindle PC app for free onto your computer (just google Kindle PC). Books are MUCH cheaper that way, and Josh's doodles are even included in the Kindle version... ;

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