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BioShot1SMall(1).jpegMy friend and fellow-pastor, Bob Kauflin, recently wrote a short review of Dug Down Deep and posted the following interview with me on his blog Worship Matters:

Bob: Why do you think Dug Down Deep would be a good book for those who lead congregational worship to read?
Josh: Dug Down Deep is a very simple introduction to Christian doctrine. So, honestly, there's nothing new here for worship leaders. But it might be useful because in the book I'm trying to make theology very clear and accessible to people. So I share stories. I talk about how various truths have reshaped my own life. I try and push past the "Christianese" we can so easily slip into and explain what terms mean and why they matter. One friend told me that he felt the book helped transfer theological concepts from the head to the heart. So maybe that's where the book could serve worship leaders. I think helping to transfer lofty theological categories from the head to the heart-and have truth about God touch our affections-is part of what worship leaders are called to do.

Bob: What are the 2-3 most important thoughts you hope people take away from reading Dug Down Deep?
Josh: I want them to see that a vibrant, real relationship with God isn't at odds with studying theology and doctrine-it's why we study theology. I also want them to see that Christian doctrine is for living. It's practical and it shapes how we view the world and how we live. That's why making sure what we believe is built on the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is so important.

Bob: Why do you think this is the most important book you've written?
Josh: In different ways my other books are about what we should do for God. Dug Down Deep is primarily about who God is and the good news of what he has done for us in Jesus. So it's the most important book I've written because there's nothing more vital for a Christian to know. At the end of the day, who cares whether you date or do courtship if you don't really know God? That's not to diss my past books. But this is the book I want to hand to non-Christians and young Christians. This is what they really need to know.

Bob: What is one of the most encouraging responses you've gotten from someone who has read your book?
Josh: Two people have told me that as they read Dug Down Deep they kept wanting to put it down and pick up their Bible. I can't tell you how happy that made me.


hope to read this book soon..God bless you more!

at the end of the day, I care.

Josh, you are really inspiring me. God works in you. May God keep working with you for many young Christian like me.

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