I'm Getting Less Hip

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Over at the book review site, Good Reads, a girl named Sally wrote the following review of Dug Down Deep. Even though I'm sad to hear that I've lost some of my hipness, I was really encouraged by what she wrote: "In Harris' earlier books I was put off by his casual, cool-dude narrative voice, but either I'm getting less picky or he's getting less 'hip', because I liked this book! I found his anecdotes and personal sharing to be winsome and sincere without trying too hard. And his careful examination of foundational truths gives a good overview for non-theologically-minded readers. This is the kind of book I could hand to someone without having to worry about putting them off or putting them to sleep! Finally, Harris makes a plea in the last section for a meeting of the minds, so that we can appreciate orthodox doctrine without being too harsh about it or being too 'squishy' in an effort to accommodate others."

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Although I do not feel Joshua Harris has lost hipness, I do agree with the assessment of Dug Down Deep and it's fresh maturity. One definition of genius has been the ability to make the complex simple. Dug Down Deep does just that. Joshua's earlier books were written as a much younger man. DDD is an expression of a mature writer who knows his material.

I have shared D3 with several young Christians. It is a small jewel in the hand of one who disciples or hopes to influence others.

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