Theology for People Who Don't Like Theology

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The blog "Confessions of a Small Church Pastor" reviewed Dug Down Deep saying it "weaves autobiographicaly stories along with sound theology, making the book not only readable, but memorable as well." And it's "a theology book for people who don't like theology." Read the full review.

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I have to thank you for making theology accessible for the average person through your book Dug Down Deep. I originally got the book in the hope that it would help me understand my adult children, who have delved far deeper into theology than I had myself. It helped me immensely.

I am teaching a class at our homeschool co-op this year using David Quine's Starting Points curriculum. The majority of the class is the study of orthodoxy and how we use that to filter what we read, watch and hear. Last night as I was preparing to teach, I was extremely frustrated in trying to find a definition for orthodoxy that my students would understand. Finally I grabbed my copy of Dug Down Deep and there, on page 14 was exactly what I needed.

I am going to be re-reading your book again (this time with highlighter in hand.) Thanks again for a well-written book.

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