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My friend Patrick is an impressive young man. He loves Jesus, honors his parents and has a heart for God's people. All this and he's just 12 years old. So I was very encouraged when he sent me the following letter about Dug Down Deep:

Hey Mr. Harris!

I want to say thank you SO much for writing "Dug Down Deep"! I just finished it recently and I LOVED it!  The way you wrote it was humorous, easy to understand, and helpful. Your many illustrations made me understand the other parts of the book. I've been reading it at night, and it's like digging down deep into the truth of what we believe as Christians. Also, it really challenged me to live my life all for Christ. I didn't ever think of the parable of the wise man building his house upon the rock the way you showed it!

One of my favorite parts of your book is "The Room." I was so moved by that dream. Afterwards I went onto your blog and watched the video about it, which was very moving as well. Thank you so much for putting that in your book!

I also loved the chapter on how your dad got saved. That is such an amazing story, and it helped me see that Jesus can save anyone!

Probably my absolute favorite chapter was the one on the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is probably the member of the Trinity that we know least about, and that chapter helped me understand better about what He does.

Thank you so much for writing this! It reminded me of all the things that the Christian faith is built on, and helped me to understand theology and orthodoxy better in an easy, interesting way. Thanks!!!!!!

In grace,


Wow, he's 12? He is displaying such remarkable depth and understanding of the Scripture and Christianity. Your book (the Philippine version) is now running in the press. I am excited to know if there will be 12-year-olds among us here who will be moved in the same way as Patrick. I sure hope so!

Praise God. Thanks for writing this one, Pastor Joshua.

Hey Alex and Brett. I didn't read your "Do Hard Things" book, but attended a conference and was deeply touched. I also read Joshua Harris's "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" book, and was in tears sometimes. I totally agree with Joshua's book, and am doing the same thing, kissing dating goodbye for myself because I feel that that is what God wants for me right now. I have been really pressing in and praying about my love life because there is someone I am interested in, but want God's best. I am going to be reading "Boy Meets Girl" in a few weeks when it arrives at my house. I am really struggling though with all of this...I'm trying to stay pure, but there's so much garbage everywhere I turn! I would really appreciate anyone/everyone's prayers. I just feel like God isn't hearing my prayers...I write him letters of how I'm doing and all of this that I'm telling you guys. I do it once in a while, every few days. *tears*...I just feel so alone and empty:-(. I have a big family, and I know God is there for me, but I still feel this void inside me*sniffle*...I don't have very man Christian mentors/friends I can go to about all of this, and my family's been through soooo much in the past 7 years, I just don't know anymore...I'm still putting my trust in God, I guess he's just testing me and putting me through a season to see how devoted I am to him and how much I love him. I know I seem like I'm just talking on and on and on and complaining, but I don't get to talk to people about what's going on in my life too often. I thank God that there are people in the world like you guys that care enough about God's kingdom and people to do something about it...bye:-).


Hellow pastor!
Am happy dat me too can tel you how happy i am,jus 4rm reading tha book,i kissed datin gudbye...it went deep to my heart as in ol i can see is God aswering my prayer bout me dating...i give praise 2 him my saviour n pray 2 God your ministry 2 reach even hear in africa...hope il get 2 read your otha buks soon...be blessed


you're an amazing boy!

God Speed!

reading his book review, he's clearly a bright young man. very refreshing!

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