Philippine Edition of Dug Down Deep


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A girl named Queendiane Laurino sent me this picture from the Philiippines. Both Dug Down Deep and Stop Dating the Church have been published there and are available in bookstores.


This was during the Manila International Book Fair! That's where I got my copy. You know what made me buy this book? The Rumspringa story!

Hi! may to Queendiane Laurino that where the book fair held on? im on the Philippines. I have the three books ( I kiss.. Boy meet girl.. and not even a hint..) but when I'm going to the book store I cant find the other books? The two book in the photo. can you tell me the place? Thank you and God Bless.

I bought that too. In Manila International Book Fair!

Hey! Vince. where the Manila International Book Fair? can you give me the address? please email me at thank you and God Bless.. .

wow..i wasn't able to go to the fair..will there be any book fair again in the near future?

To DARWIN, VINCE & PAM, Stop Dating the Church and Dug Down Deep are both available in National Book Store SM Baguio Branch. I am convinced that these books are also available in other NBS book stores nationwide. You might also check at the Philippine Christian Bookstore (PCBS) ^ - ^

I understand you are translating your books to other major languages. How does that work? Can we translate a book to Visayan dialect, the second most widely used dialect in the Philippines?

by the way, those two books are available in OMF Lit bookshops, particularly here in Cagayan de Oro at a reduced price. 175.00 pesos.

Oops! Typographical error there. It should be Philippines, not Philiippines. :D

yeah...this book was our gift to one of our friends on her graduation...i haven't yet read it..I'll gonna read it soon..i think it is a great book..for now I'm again reading i kissed dating goodbye to be reminded again...I was greatly blessed with this... i kissed dating goodbye book is helping me a lot when it comes to relationship...thanks..God bless!

To Mr.Joshua Harris, our project in my school is to read Boy Meets Girl, (BMG) At all I am really not interested to ready books. But then When I bought Boy Meets Girl in Books Store I was shock because It already our of stuck only 1 left, but then when I was at jeep I keep praying to God That I would have that book to my project. Then when I read the Introduction when I got home I got interested then now I want to read ALL your Books specially "Not Even a Hint" because It's all about LUSTING. I learned a lot actually & being excited to have a Girl Friend but as you've said "WE DON'T NEED TO RUSH" & one thing more GOD has a plan for every each of us, the book was very encouraging. God bless & you wife Shannon! I love the story of your life, truly our God is the Author of our Lige. God bless. :)

-To READ Books.
-I was shock because IT'S already OUT of stuck.
-And one more thing GOD has a plan.
-God bless you and YOUR wife shannon!
-Truly our God is the Author of our Life.

The books "sex is not a problem,lust is.", stop dating the church.", and dug down deep is out of the market, I really wanted to one of each book.hope I can find it at omf lit here in Cebu. God bless you Josh and Shanon

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