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Over on my Facebook page, I was encouraged by this feedback on the book:

Nikko: "Hi Josh! Just recently my mom gave me a copy of your book Dug Down Deep, I'm really amazed with how you present theology in a simple yet powerful way...Your book helped me to see God in a different perspective, I realized that to some extent I've been a victim of that so-called 'MEology' you mentioned in your book."

Becky: "I'm reading Dug Down Deep in my Bible class this semester, it's a very good book. I'm starting to understand theology, as in it's starting to make sense. I love the stories that you sprinkle in. I'm only on chapter 4, but I love it. Thank you so much for writing it, I'm looking forward to finishing it."

Nikko and Becky, thanks so much for taking the time to share how it's speaking to you. That means a lot to me.


Hey kua josh,

I was one of the subscriber of your books,.., Having 3 complete series of your I kissed dating Good bye, Boy meets Girl, and Not EVen a Hint,.,.,.

I Kinda need some help coming from you,.,.

I pick your book as my reading logs

Question: are these 3 books is a kind of a non fiction books?

Second: ahmmm.,,.,. If you were the reader of the book.,,. what kind of project would you like to draw from your readings?

I do really nid your help,.,. pls.,,.

I have a question for Josh:
In your book "boy meets girl", chapter one, page 15, you mentioned that "I was sure my voice made it obvious how nervous I felt. I'd never called her at home before, ..."
Do you mean that "you have never called her from your home" or "you have never called to her home"?
Sorry this is a question needed to be clarified because of translation issue.
Many thanks for your kindly help.

hi josh! I like your books! It's a blessing to me. You know I'm fond of reading books and you know in one of the worst moments in my life, i found your book in the bookstore, pick it up, read it and blessed me. I thanked God for using your life. Thank you for inspiring me. God bless you!

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