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At the blog Very Random Thoughts, Jonathan Thomas reviews Dug Down Deep. He wraps up by asking, "So, who should read this book?" He gives three categories:

1. Those who have never read a 'doctrine book' or 'systematic theology'. If you want a basic introduction to what the Bible teaches and who God is: This is the book for you.

2. 'Jerks'. That is, if you are a Christian who has read loads of doctrine, but have found yourself becoming harsh and dry...get this book! Let the humble orthodoxy that Joshua demonstrate challenge and encourage you.

3. Someone going on holiday. If you fancy a light read that is both funny and forming, this is the book for you.

Read the full review.

1 Comment

This is our families pastors blog and he's a great guy we trust wholeheartedly. He if recommends a book you know it's going to be good. And he's right, it is!

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