Spanish Version of Dug Down Deep


We just got word that Editorial Unilit will be publishing Dug Down Deep in the summer of 2011. Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, can anybody tell me how translating the title might turn out?


"Mucho más profundo"
So excited Joshua!!! We really thank you!

Escabando en lo profundo ;)

Llegando a lo profundo

I hope this helps!

"Sepultado En Lo Profundo" or "Enterrado En Lo Profundo"

"Sepultado" and "enterrado" both relate to an object that is currently enterred in the ground, which is precisely the image you're trying to convey in the book.

By the way, it is a great book. I wrote a review about it. Here it is:

The other suggestions, although they were trying to be helpful, are not exactly accurate. The Spanish tense "ando," as in "escabando" and "llegando" would read "excavating" and "getting"

Also, it should be "excavando" with an "x." And "llegando," as I mentioned means "getting," as im "getting down deep."

Well, I don't mean to offend anyone. I really do it out of love. I want to help Joshua make an appropriate selection. Thanks for the opportunity!

If you read my review and wondering if I wrote more about it, I sure did. I wrote a second part around the same time. And I plan on writing a final one soon. I don't know where else to share that but here. I really suggest you buy it in English or in español. We all need to know the foundational beliefs of our faith, and Josh did a wonderful job putting it together.

Part two of my review:


Podría ser "Examinándonos profundamente"

Well, as a translation student I would have to think about it but as a native Spanish speaker I would say: Indagando en lo profundo

"Profundamente Arraigado" it's what I would say.

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