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At the blog The Way Everlasting, pastor J.S. Park reviews Dug Down Deep.

He writes, "As both an autobiography and a statement of Christian doctrines, somehow Dug Down Deep succeeds at both. Joshua Harris' treatise on the Christian faith is a highly readable work that will stir both the young believer and the church veteran. We do not often stop to think on what we actually believe, and as Harris writes, what we think of God determines everything else: feelings, choices, character, our fate.

The personal touch here keeps the doctrine grounded. From stories of a wild youth group to Harris' hippie father to Harris' mentorship under C.J. Mahaney, the book is constantly engaging. It also paints theology as a captivating jewel to be cherished. Doctrine is not merely to be studied or weaponized, but is a life-giving truth that revives and rewires every part of us. There's a deep humility in each page that cut through some of my "autopilot" attitudes. We may know much of what he writes already but hardly feel it because we have not thoroughly grounded our convictions. Harris' journey may help you connect; it will surely remind you of the fascinating work and person of Jesus."

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Thank you for posting this, Pastor Josh! I've been recommending your book like crazy! I also mentioned your book as one of the Top Christian Books of 2011. Can't wait for more of your work.

I just wanted to say I've started reading the book. The last time I read it, I can't continue on reading after chapter 1. It was so moving that I just needed to stop and be amazed at the awesomeness of God. Whew! Thank you Ptr. Josh!

From the above comments, I seriously consider reading the book.

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