Gnawing Desire to Rewrite It

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We share both favorable and unfavorable reviews here on the Book Blog! Here's a mostly negative one: at the blog Worthy of the Gospel, Adam Miller shares a gracious critique of Dug Down Deep, admitting that he feels "the gnawing desire to rewrite most of his chapters." His biggest concerns is that Dug Down Deep "does not lay the necessary ground work for practically going deeper in theology. Each chapter is a rough overview of select doctrines. They are not conclusive, and not altogether sound in establishing a firm foundation. A fear I have about this book is that people will draw the conclusion that they have gone deep enough, thus preventing them from doing any of their own digging."

He concludes his review saying, "This book was not written for a scholar like myself to pick apart, but instead for the new Christian, the immature believer, and the shallow liberal who is wrestling with their faith's significance in the real world. In this way, "Dug Down Deep" is the best medicine currently out there.

With that said, I'm still waiting for that book which is solid and sound, enough theology but not too much to replace self discovery, and clearly concise that is yet to be written. Until then, I will recommend this book, with warning, to anyone who is at a place where they are ready to take on their own salvation and go deeper with their faith. As a starting point, I don't know of any better book."

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