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Jacob Wrestles the Angel (November 3, 2011) - Hat Tip: Sarah Harris... (Keep Reading Jacob Wrestles the Angel)
Lazarus' Second Funeral (October 1, 2010) - Copyright © 2010 by Joshua Harris... (Keep Reading Lazarus' Second Funeral)
The Trippstache (August 10, 2010) - Special Thanks to Paul Tripp for permission to draw his iconic mustache. By Joshua Harris © Copyright 2010... (Keep Reading The Trippstache)
The Disciples Talking in Heaven (August 1, 2010) - By Joshua Harris © Copyright 2010... (Keep Reading The Disciples Talking in Heaven)
Jesus Calls Peter (July 22, 2010) - by Joshua Harris © 2010... (Keep Reading Jesus Calls Peter)
Jiffy & Lou on Courtship (January 21, 2010) - Since we're breaking out my old cartoons, I thought I'd share this installment of Jiffy & Lou on relationships. I hope it shows that I don't just take swipes at Christian musicians, I also enjoy making fun of, well, myself.... (Keep Reading Jiffy & Lou on Courtship)
Jiffy & Lou on Christian Music (January 11, 2010) - In a former life I published a magazine called New Attitude. In it I used to do a cartoon called Jiffy & Lou about two immature, self-centered teens. My cartoons used to get me in a lot of trouble. My... (Keep Reading Jiffy & Lou on Christian Music)
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