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"The Files" from the Dug Down Deep DVD Series (December 24, 2013) - For the Dug Down Deep Youth DVD series the team at BlueFishTV adapted my story "The Room" into this film called "The Files." There have a been a few video interpretations of my dream, but I think this is... (Keep Reading "The Files" from the Dug Down Deep DVD Series)
Why We Need Doctrine (November 12, 2011) - For different reasons a lot of Christians in my generation and older generations are leery of too much emphasis on doctrine. They have come to equate doctrine with church splits, hate mail, arrogance, and angry diatribes. They have seen how... (Keep Reading Why We Need Doctrine)
Paperback Edition of Dug Down Deep (May 19, 2011) - "I can probably count on one hand, the number of books of which I've read every word from cover to cover in one sitting. Dug Down Deep is one of them." - Adam Young, Owl City Order online.... (Keep Reading Paperback Edition of Dug Down Deep)
I'd Like to Send You a Book (October 1, 2010) - UPDATE: This special offer is no longer available. Thanks to everyone who participated. Dug Down Deep is a simple introduction to basic Christian belief. One person described it as systematic theology disguised as something readable. I wrote it so that... (Keep Reading I'd Like to Send You a Book)
Humble Orthodoxy (May 23, 2010) - Justin Taylor lives in Chicago. At 6' 2'' he's about twice as tall as me. He's at least that much smarter than me as well. I'm grateful for his friendship. God has given Justin a very sharp mind and he... (Keep Reading Humble Orthodoxy)
Voice Raps Dug Down Deep (March 25, 2010) - My friend Curtis Allen is a pastor and moonlights as the hip-hop artist Voice. After I wrote Dug Down Deep I asked Curtis to create a hip-hop, musical interpretation of the heart of the book. The result is the... (Keep Reading Voice Raps Dug Down Deep)
An Interview About Dug Down Deep (March 8, 2010) - Recently my friend Thabiti Anyabwile interviewed me on his blog about my new book Dug Down Deep. Thabiti: Brother, thank you for writing this book. I really enjoyed reading it. Tell us, why did you write this book and what... (Keep Reading An Interview About Dug Down Deep)
Dug Down Tweep (March 2, 2010) - Here's a sample of what people are saying about and quoting from Dug Down Deep on Twitter. To everyone who tweeted, thanks for reading the book and letting others know about it. That means a lot to me.  @Jillyalexis learning a lot from... (Keep Reading Dug Down Tweep)
And the Winner is... (February 16, 2010) - The results are in. According to both our online voting and our panel of judges, Tristan Carnahan is the winner of the Dug Down Deep short film contest. Tonight I called Tristan and congratulated him. Here's a sampling of... (Keep Reading And the Winner is...)
Dug Down Deep Film Contest (January 26, 2010) - I've just posted below the six short films created by the finalists in the Dug Down Deep Film Contest. Nearly 100 people requested to participate, we chose ten finalists to create films (though only six were able to complete the... (Keep Reading Dug Down Deep Film Contest)
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