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John Stott on Preparing a Sermon (March 21, 2013) - I'm reposting something I put together for myself several years ago after reading John Stott's book Between Two Worlds on preaching. This is basically an outline of his chapter on preparing a message with slight additions for my own... (Keep Reading John Stott on Preparing a Sermon)
What I've Learned Since I Kissed Dating Goodbye (February 14, 2009) - Happy Valentine's Day everybody! Recently I've been working on a series of posts summarizing some messages I've done in the past few years on the topic of relationships. Unfortunately, because of my work on my new book, I haven't... (Keep Reading What I've Learned Since I Kissed Dating Goodbye)
The Preaching Notes Series Introduction (August 8, 2008) - UPDATE: We did this series a few years ago, but since then the links got messed up. So here it is again with everything working right. Enjoy. -- Several months ago my friend Justin Buzzard sent me a copy... (Keep Reading The Preaching Notes Series Introduction)
A Pastoral Response to Online Dating (May 17, 2007) - Recently, the team of pastors who lead the single men and women of our church decided to address the topic of online dating. One of the men, Isaac Hydoski, who is a very wise and skilled pastor, wrote a... (Keep Reading A Pastoral Response to Online Dating)
Tragedy at the Harris Farm (February 28, 2006) - Today at work I got a call from Shannon. "This is so sad," she said. I could hear Emma wailing in the background. "An animal got into the chicken coop and ate two of the chickens." Shannon put Emma on... (Keep Reading Tragedy at the Harris Farm)
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