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Regent College (February 17, 2015) - This summer our family leaves the church we love to study at Regent College in Vancouver, Canada. It's a bittersweet decision for us but we believe God is leading us into a season of learning and recalibration (see this... (Keep Reading Regent College)
A New Chapter (January 26, 2015) - In this message to Covenant Life Church on January 25th, I share my decision to step down from my role as lead pastor later this spring so that I can go to Regent College in Vancouver, B.C. At the... (Keep Reading A New Chapter)
PROOF by Daniel Montgomery & Timothy Paul Jones (June 11, 2014) - A new book by my friend, Pastor Daniel Montgomery and scholar Timothy Paul Jones is at the top of my summer reading list. It's called PROOF: Finding Freedom through the Intoxicating Joy of Irresistible Grace. I love the vision... (Keep Reading PROOF by Daniel Montgomery & Timothy Paul Jones)
Don't Sweat the Wicked (February 24, 2014) - Ever feel like people who ignore God and his commands have a better life than you? He cheats on tests, doesn't get caught and gets a scholarship to a better college. She ignores God's commands for purity, then finds the... (Keep Reading Don't Sweat the Wicked)
Psalm 22 and John 21 (February 3, 2014) - Today our 2 A Day reading is Psalm 22 and John 21. A few simple reflections... Psalm 22 is a prophetic, messianic Psalm that vividly describes the agony of Jesus on the cross. When we feel abandoned and alone it... (Keep Reading Psalm 22 and John 21)
"Though You Slay Me" By Shane & Shane (Featuring John Piper) (January 29, 2014) - (Keep Reading "Though You Slay Me" By Shane & Shane (Featuring John Piper))
Sleep, Jesus, Sleep (December 21, 2013) - A few years ago my wife Shannon recorded this song on the Christmas album "Savior." I'd forgotten about it till this week when our seven-year-old, Mary Kate, sang it with her 2nd grade class at her school's Christmas concert. It's... (Keep Reading Sleep, Jesus, Sleep)
New Lyrics for O Holy Night by Kevin Hartnett (December 12, 2013) - We sang this new version of O Holy Night by Kevin Hartnett at our church this past week. I absolutely love it and hope it catches on. Verse One (by Placide Cappeau, trans. John S. Dwight) O holy night, the... (Keep Reading New Lyrics for O Holy Night by Kevin Hartnett)
Does God Listen to Rap? (December 10, 2013) - A new book from Curtis Allen. Available from (Keep Reading Does God Listen to Rap? )
Finally Free by Heath Lambert (August 13, 2013) - Heath Lambert's new book Finally Free: Fighting for Purity with the Power of Grace is the best book I'm aware of on sexual purity and pornography. Both men and women will benefit from reading it. I highly recommend it. Here's... (Keep Reading Finally Free by Heath Lambert)
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