The Room

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What is "The Room"? Well, there's a good chance it's been emailed to you at one time or another in one of those forwarded emails that clog your inbox.

"The Room" is a dream I had of a room filled with filing cabinets that contained all the actions of my life, both good and bad. In it I was confronted with the weight of my sin and guilt before God. The dream concluded when Jesus entered the room and signed his name over mine on each card. People often ask if I really had the dream, and the answer is yes. I woke up deeply shaken, grabbed my computer, and began to type.

DDD-Small.jpegThe dream became an article. It was orginally published in New Attitude magazine in 1995, and then reprinted in my book I Kissed Dating Goodbye in 1997. In my newest book Dug Down Deep I share the personal, and frankly grieving, story about the night I had the dream. In a chapter entitled "A Way to Be Good Again" I use my dream to focus on the significance of Jesus atoning for sin by dying on the cross.

"The Room" touches on the universal themes of guilt and redemption. How does a man find forgiveness for the wrongs he's committed or for the good he's left undone? Is our past something we can leave behind or forget? How can any of us know true forgiveness from a God who is holy and just?

"The Room" points to our need for a Savior who can rescue us from the punishment our sins deserve. Jesus Christ is that Savior. And "The Room" is a story that helps explain what he accomplished when he died on the cross for the sins of the world. I hope that reading it will point you to the Savior who died for you.

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